Creative Grooming

Creative grooming can be safe and enjoyable. Professional pet groomers have the unique opportunity to truly individualize and customize their clients’ grooms by adding touches of personal style and even practicality to nearly any pet that enters the salon with pet safe hair color dyes. Adding simple touches of creativity to commemorate the holidays, sporting events, or even to just add a bit of pizazz to their dog grooming experience.

 OPAWZ Creative Dog Grooming Seminar 2022

In the OPAWZ Creative Grooming Seminar in Toronto 2022, we are excited to invite professional dog groomer Betty Huang to demonstrate the grooming techniques and skills for our students, such as scissors, clipping, trimming and applying color or decorations to dogs using safe, non-toxic OPAWZ pet hair dyes. Students are encouraged to have hands-on coloring and experience different OPAWZ color products such as permanent pet hair dyes, semi-permanent pet hair dyes, pet hair chalks, blow pens, glitter gel, airbrush, and more!
opawz creative grooming with safe pet hair dye
creative dog grooming with Betty Huang

OPAWZ Red Panda Design Demonstration by Betty Huang

During the Red Panda Design Creative Grooming Demonstration Betty has shown students of color separation technique, full body grooming, and the use of the OPAWZ pet bathing system, and answered questions regarding the pet grooming fundamental skills such as scissoring, thinning, trimming, whitening, wrapping, cleaning and more….

Red panda design by Samantha Murphy, Sherrise Knight, and Holly Leech under the guidance of OPAWZ Educator, Betty Huang at the OPAWZ x Betty Huang Seminar

  • Color Separation – Applying pet hair dye section by section

  • Wrapping

  • Blow Dry

  • Red Panda Creative Grooming Result

  • OPAWZ Certification of Completion

Tips for Dog Grooming Safety

  • Make sure to check the dog’s fur and skin for any scratches or open sores to prevent aggravating them and causing your pet pain.
  • Do NOT apply dyes to dogs with any kind of skin problem, elderly dogs, or puppies. 
  • Complete a strand test on a small area first, ideally on the lightest part of your dog’s coat.
  • Avoid human dyes that could be unsafe for your pet.
  • The temporary color dye can be an alternative instead since the temporary dye is gentle on the pet's skin and easy to wash off.
  • OPAWZ Permanent Pet Hair Dyes lasts around 20 washes, so plan your work carefully in advance.

OPAWZ Pet-Safe Dog Hair Dyes For Creative Grooming 

Here at OPAWZ we provide creative pet grooming products that are completely non-toxic and specially made for Cats, Dogs and Horse, contain no chemicals and are all natural vegetable based dyes.

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