How to create a beautiful color blending effect for dog's ear using OPAWZ pet hair dye

For best coloring result, you generally shouldn't shampoo the dog immediately before coloring because this will remove the natural oils that protect the dog’s skin during the coloring process.

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OPAWZ Lightening Cream Black Dog Coloring – Flamingo

This tutorial demonstrates how to use OPAWZ lightening cream on a dog with black fur.

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How to Color a Black Dog with OPAWZ Lightening Cream

Learn how to prepare a dog with black fur for color using OPAWZ Lightening Cream.

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Full Body Coloring Steps with OPAWZ Dog Hair Dye

Step-by-step guide to doing a full-body coloring using OPAWZ pet hair dye.

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Poinsettia Christmas Flower Grooming with Dog Hair Dye

1. Start with a freshly bathed and fluffy dried dog. We recommend OPAWZ Pro' Deep Cleanse Shampoo for a clean and fluffy result.

2. Prepare the necessary tools for coloring, stir colors in mixing bowls first to make sure an even coloring result.

3. Apply colors on desired area, separating colors by wrapping them in foil. Placed paper towel under the wrapped foils to prevent colors getting on an unwanted area.

4. Let colors set for 15 - 20 mins, rinse off colors with lukewarm water without shampooing

5. Styling

6. Finishing touch with OPAWZ Glitter Gel - Gold

Magnificent Christmas Flowers with color gradient effects, what a visual impact it is!

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Section Coloring Steps with OPAWZ Pet Hair Dye

Learn how to color sections using OPAWZ dog hair dye.

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Grooming with OPAWZ Dog Hair Dye [Video]

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a bright pink bow grooming by using OPAWZ Pet Hair Dye.

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