OPAWZ Spring Contest - Creative Grooming Challenge 2021

 OPAWZ Spring Contest 2021

Your furry companion with be the coolest pup at the park with eye-catching designs.

Give them a style as unique as you are for the Spring!

Announcing our winners of the OPAWZ Spring Contest 2021

1st place - Chasity McCord 
 2nd place - Tammy Pino  

  3rd place - Natalia Solovjeva


Check out the top 3 likes and more selected entries from the OPAWZ Spring Contest 2021.

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Meet The Groomer - Adrian Smith | OPAWZ Professional Creative Dog Grooming

Adrian Smith

Charismatic. Stylish. Genuine. Professional.

These are just a few attributes that describe 31-year-old New Orleans native and Groomed by Adrian owner Adrian Smith. 
A firm believer in “dream-chasing”,  Adrian lives by the following mantra:

"It’s never too late to follow your first love – and succeed!"

Learn what inspired Adrian Smith to start creative grooming and his Pooch Perfect experience and memory from the show.

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Meet The Groomer - Anaïs Hayden | OPAWZ Professional Creative Dog Grooming

Anaïs Hayden

She has been in the creative and dog grooming industry for 18 years.
Obtained the grooming certifications from Penn Foster, Creative Groomers Association and Nash Academy and OPAWZ.

Learn what inspired Anaïs Hayden to get into creative grooming and her advice for aspiring groomers.

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How to Color a Black Dog II - OPAWZ Creative Dog Grooming Live Tutorial

Welcome to the world of creative dog grooming with OPAWZ live tutorial from Lamarius Mathis.

In this creative dog grooming tutorial Lamarius Mathis is going to demonstrate how to color a black dog with OPAWZ pet hair dyes – the safe, non-toxic dog hair color dyes for creative dog grooming, and learn how to captures your imaginations and color of the design in this Live tutorial.

The colors were applied to pre-lightened hair for this look.

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Becoming an OPAWZ Certified Groomer | OPAWZ Creative Grooming

OPAWZ Certifications offer all groomers the opportunity to participate in an innovative creative grooming networks with fellow creative groomers worldwide, as well as provide a way that may have their creative grooming skills evaluated and certified.

Obtaining the OPAWZ grooming certification afford you the confidence to better serve your furry clients in the creative grooming field. Receiving the certifications show your customers your professional knowledge of creative pet grooming and you’re serious about a career as a creative dog groomer.

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Happy Easter Dog Grooming | OPAWZ Creative Grooming Contest 2021

 Happy Easter Pet Grooming Contest 2021

Happy Easter to everyone and their furry friends! Have you done anything with your pets for Easter? Add some spice to your pet's look with pet-safe Dog Hair Dye for festive seasons and bring out your creative side.

And the pet?  

Their tail's wagging and they enjoy it!

Announcing our winners of the OPAWZ Easter Contest 2021

1st Place - Irina Podgornay 
 2nd Place - Carriann Phillips 

  3rd Place - Djenny Reijers van Leeuwen


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Cat Hair Dye | OPAWZ Safe Pet Hair Dyes For Cat

Participants in creative grooming and design for cat should always use a pet safe color product. OPAWZ offers a collection of safe pet hair dyes for professional pet groomers for regular usage. 

To Safely Dye A Cat's Fur We Recommend:

These cat hair dye products are completely non-toxic and semi-permanent, come in multiple bright colors available. Perfect for cats with light color hair.


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Live Demo For Blue Willow China Design - OPAWZ Creative Dog Grooming Tutorial

Hand painting with OPAWZ Permanent Pet Hair Dyes, full live Demo for Blue Willow China Design creative dog grooming tutorial from Nicole Beckman inspired by Chinese porcelain.


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Valentine's Day Creative Pet Grooming Contest 2021

Announcing the winners for the OPAWZ Valentine's Day Creative Grooming Contest 2021.

Valentine dog grooming

Winners for the OPAWZ Valentine's Day Creative Grooming Contest 2021

1st place - Ester Catalán Samis 
 2nd place - Jessica Bowley 
 3rd place - Andrea Saud Castillo
Thank you to everyone who participated! Can't wait to see what everyone will create in our future contests! Continue reading for more contest entries.

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OPAWZ Christmas Creative Pet Grooming Contest 2020

Announcing the winners for the OPAWZ Christmas Contest 2020.


We're pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Christmas Creative Pet Grooming Contest:

Winners to the OPAWZ Christmas Creative Pet Grooming 2020

1st place - Angela Stallone Hill
2nd place & people's choice - Erin E. Martin
3rd place - Fux Szabina Kutyafodrászat Ajka

Honorable Mention - Lauren Piston


We want to thank all the groomers for their incredible design and support as always!

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