Leopard Spots Creative Grooming - OPAWZ Creative Grooming Tutorial

OPAWZ brings you the most recognized design in creative grooming  -  Leopard Spots Design.

Leopard spots creative grooming tutorial created by Yi Ling Chen at Le Mi Pet Grooming Salon in brown and black leopard spots by using OPAWZ Pet Hair Dyes.


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Tips for Ear Coloring

Ear coloring is one of the most requested styles by pet salon customers. How to dye ears and get a great result? 

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OPAWZ Pet Bathing System - How to Clean The OPAWZ Dog Bathing Machine

Clean the OPAWZ Pet Bathing System regularly to make sure there is no sediment in the machine!

Learn how to clean the OPAWZ dog bathing machine in this video.


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OPAWZ Pet Bathing System-Lighten Up Your Grooming Workload!

This newly designed groomer pet bathing system makes hideous pet bathing process much easier and effective,  less work is involved by groomers.

It allows any home or professional groomer to bathe dogs, cats in a fraction of the time!


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3D Butterfly Design With Pet Hair Chalk - OPAWZ Creative Grooming Tutorial

Butterfly design creative grooming done by Isabella Jane Doblas Jones. She is going to show you how easy it is to apply OPAWZ pet hair chalk!

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Paws & Tail Creative Dog Grooming - OPAWZ Pet Hair Dyes Creative Coloring Tutorial

Rachel Collins will teach you how to do a simple, safe, fun & fabulous creative grooming for your dog’s feet & tail in this OPAWZ live stream tutorial for pet hair dyes.

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Use OPAWZ Pet Bathing System to Apply Funky Color Shampoo - Easy and Fast!

Check how OPAWZ Pet Bathing System works with OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo.

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Peekaboo Design With Pet Hair Dyes - OPAWZ Creative Grooming Tutorial

In this creative grooming tutorial, Brittney Cook will show you in detail how to create the peekaboo design technique with two different colors by using OPAWZ pet hair dyes and OPAWZ model dog head wig.

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Funky Pet Color Shampoo – Color It Simple with OPAWZ

OPAWZ Funky Pet Color Shampoo - as quick and easy to use as the dog shampoo.

Professional pet temporary color shampoo designed for gentle cleansing and temporary coloring for creative grooming

Just massage it onto pet hair then wait approximately 10-30 minutes depending on your pet's hair texture, color shade and color intensity you desire. The no-ammonia no-sulfate formula cares for the pet hair from roots to tips already while coloring.

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