Mrs. Claus Christmas Dog Groom By Jilly Mooch | OPAWZ Creative Grooming Live Tutorial

Christmas inspiration time!

Here's the OPAWZ Christmas creative dog grooming live tutorials by Jilly Mooch.

"Summer’s Mrs. Claus Christmas groom was so much fun! We didn’t get to finish because she was tired and, as a 13-year-old senior dog she gets all the nap time she wants! Grooming, in any form, be it creative, pet, competition, or show, shouldn’t be about perfection...the dog and its needs and comfort should ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS be the main priority. " - Jilly Mooch

Our aim over the years has always been to provide a range of safe and affordable dog hair dyes and other pet hair color products to refresh any dog's style for Christmas and more!

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Cat Grooming Tips for Short & Long Haired Cats | Guide To OPAWZ Cat Bathing

It’s that time again - time to give your cat a bath!

A clean cat is a happy cat!  Whether your cat is short-haired or long-haired, find out how to keep your cat happy and clean with OPAWZ cat grooming tips for cat bathing.

Putting Together a Cat Grooming Kit

Here, you’ll find our trusty guide on how to groom your cat with OPAWZ cat grooming product line. Also, we’re going to cover the right tools for the job.

Learn how to groom your cat to have a GREASE FREE FUR & bringing back the cat's shiny coat as a professional cat groomer in just 4 steps >>

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Happy Halloween Dog Grooming | OPAWZ Halloween Creative Grooming Contest 2021

Add a little gore to your pet's look with OPAWZ safe dog hair dye for a Halloween that's filled with hauntingly happy times and make the night a memorable one.

Announcing our winners of the OPAWZ Halloween Contest 2021

1st Place - Rachel Baker Ross 
 2nd Place - Rayne Kracko 

  3rd Place - Anais Hayden
People's Choice - Alex Morrison

Honorable mentions:
Christina Lewis Wilt, Bethany Anita Pate, Rachel Christensen


Special thanks to our judges Lauren Piston, Alyssa Kasiba and Adrian Smith. Thank you for your dedication and skill when it came to the judging of our Halloween Contest this year. Without your generosity, knowledge and patience, this contest would not have gone as smoothly as it has. 

Get ready to be blown away! We received over 150 amazing Halloween contest entries this year >>

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Dog Safe Dye| OPAWZ Halloween Creative Dog Grooming Live Tutorials

Ready for Halloween with Your Dog?

Transform your pet with OPAWZ safe dog color dye makeover with these fun & fabulous creative dog grooming live tutorials from professional dog groomers for the Halloween celebration! 

Halloween Live Tutorials! These Procreate creative dog grooming tutorials were originally broadcast live on OPAWZ Facebook group and teach you how to do creative grooming with safe pet hair dye in real-time. For groomers who are looking for a slower-paced live tutorial that allows you to follow along! Catch more live videos by subscribing OPAWZ YouTube channel and OPAWZ Facebook group.

Learn more about OPAWZ dog safe pet hair dye for creative grooming.

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Summer Contest 2021 - OPAWZ Creative Dog Grooming Competition

 OPAWZ Summer Contest 2021

Creative Grooming Theme: Freestyle Creative Grooming

A people's choice award contest from OPAWZ for creative dog grooming.
Participants in creative grooming and design are using pet safe color products from OPAWZ.

Announcing our winners of the OPAWZ Summer Contest 2021

1st place - Rayne Kracko  
 2nd place - Kory N Wicahpi Allen  

 3rd place - Crystal Hosea


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Meet The Groomer - Josh White | OPAWZ Professional Creative Dog Grooming

Josh White

‚ÄúI may not be what people think of when they think of a dog groomer,‚ÄĚ White says. ‚ÄúBut for me, I‚Äôm putting my dues in, in my own way. I‚Äôm making my own space.‚ÄĚ

Recently Josh White from Dogue Spa was named best dog groomer of L.A. by Los Angeles Magazine - Dogue, the spot for fashionable pooches, including those belonging to Usher and Awkwafina. 
The attention hasn’t stopped there.
Josh White also got featured at Los Angeles Times. Get a deeper look into what Dogue is about and how passionate the team is about dog grooming. Read the full article here ->

The wonderfully trippy style of L.A.’s best dog groomer

Don't forget to check out more of Josh White's inspiring & fashionable rainbow-style creative dog grooming works!

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OPAWZ Pet Safe Dye | Weave Pattern Design For Creative Dog Grooming

Step-by-Step: Weave Pattern 

Designed & groomed By Yi Ling Chen
Le Mi Pet Grooming Salon 

Here's a weave pattern creative grooming tutorial by using OPAWZ pet safe dye with creative grooming illustrations.

Pet's safety and comfort is always our number one concern.
It is important to use pet hair dyes that are safe for dogs.¬†OPAWZ pet hair dye¬†contains no harsh chemicals¬†‚ÄĒ we don‚Äôt want to hurt your pup while trying to make her coat look fabulous!

Let's Begin! 

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Pride Contest 2021 - OPAWZ Creative Dog Grooming Contest

 OPAWZ Pride Contest 2021

Creative Grooming Theme: Pride & Pride Flags Colors 

Here at OPAWZ, we pride ourselves in being an open and inclusive community, full of creative pet groomers with a diverse range of voices, backgrounds and experience.

We want to give a special thanks to the judges who made this contest possible: Alyssa Kasiba and Lauren Piston.

Announcing our winners of the OPAWZ Pride Contest 2021

1st place -  Magda Manczi  
 2nd place - Rayne Kracko  

  3rd place - Jolette Genarella


*The final results of the contest poll, with 819 votes registered (duplicate votes were not counted)

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Meet The Groomer - Nata Ole | OPAWZ Professional Creative Dog Grooming

Nata Ole

"Living my life I tried to make the world around me brighter, not usual, not simple"

Nata Ole is always wanted to make something special, unique. It’s all in her. Creative grooming for Nata Ole is like something inside that always spills out. When her friends describe her in a few words, the first one would be creative. 

"There are a lot of ups and downs in our way. Never late to find yourself. "

"Don’t stop improving and studying!"

Learn what inspired Nata Ole to start creative grooming and her experience for creative dog grooming.

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Dog Bathing Machine for Grooming ‚Äď Work Best With OPAWZ Dog Shampoos


Upgrade your salon's service and clean pets better with OPAWZ Dog Bathing Machine! Not only perfect for large breed dogs but also suitable for cats. Wash all different pets in a much easier way!

This professional, deep coat cleansing pet bathing system designed to make groomers’ job easier and more profitable, conserve water and keep the pets calm during their bath.
Learn the amazing result from the use of OPAWZ dog shampoos product range with OPAWZ dog bathing machine. 

FREE shipping to Canada and the USA

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