OPAWZ Animal Print Creative Grooming Contest 2022

Winners for the OPAWZ Animal Print Contest 2022

1st place - Pálffy-Szabó Dóri
2nd place - Christina Lewis Wilt
3rd place - Andrea Delguidice
Animal print creative grooming designs from passionate professional groomers. By using the OPAWZ safe pet creative grooming products, groomers transform the pet into a walking piece of art!
Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you for being supportive of each other. For more OPAWZ Animal Print Grooming Contest entries details >>>

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Paint Spill Art Design By Lilith Luxium - OPAWZ Creative Grooming Live Tutorial

Spill art design Live demonstration done by Lilith Luxium, creating an oil spill shimmer effect with OPAWZ Permanent Pet Hair Dyes. This tutorial is only for the professional groomers.

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Leopard Spots Animal Print Professional Creative Dog Grooming by Dawn Omboy | OPAWZ

Professional groomer Dawn Omboythe industry’s Queen of Color, is known worldwide for her exciting and colorful creative grooms on stage and in her workshops and seminars.

In this tutorial she is going to demonstrate how to create a Leopard Spots design by using OPAWZ Pet hair dyes for professional groomers.


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Rainbow Stripes Animal Style Creative Grooming By Lauren Adams | OPAWZ Tutorial

In this simple step by step tutorial Lauren Adams from Cain's Dog House is going to show you how to do a rainbow stripes creative dog grooming using OPAWZ pet hair dyes on a short-haired dog.

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Spring Grooming Contest 2022 | OPAWZ Creative Grooming Competition

Winners for the OPAWZ Spring Grooming Contest 2022

1st place - Rayne Kracko
2nd place - Lindsey Dowling
3rd place - Jennifer Nicole Woo

Congratulations to the winners and thank you everyone for participating and voting. We have many more fun and exciting contests planned soon so keep an eye out!

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Creative Horse Grooming Live Tutorial By Sarah Nickerson | OPAWZ

Creative horse grooming live demonstration by Sarah Nickerson using OPAWZ safe pet hair dyes!

Creative grooming is an extension and an expression of love for our pets that makes us want to bring out their beauty. OPAWZ horse creative grooming from professional groomers show their compulsion and passion for horses in the most spectacular and fabulous way with their own vision and imagination.

Discover your unique creative grooming style with OPAWZ, safe and enjoyable, the professional creative grooming pet supplies for retail and wholesale!

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How To Use Pet Color Shampoo with Pet Bathing System | OPAWZ Creative Grooming Live Tutorial

In this creative grooming live video, professional dog groomer Stacy Brown is going to show you how to color her Afghan dog named Aurora in the color of pink with the OPAWZ Pet Color Shampoo & a water re-circulator pet bathing machine.


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Mardi Gras Raffle at OPAWZ - Creative Dog Grooming Contest 2022

Come alive with purple, green and gold 
and join the historical celebration that dates back thousands of years!

Winners for the OPAWZ Mardi Gras Raffle Creative Dog Grooming 2022
Samantha Murphy
We want to thank the many grooming contestants from over the world for their fabulous work and present the Mardi Gras Raffle results of their entries below.

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Valentine’s Day Pet Grooming Contest 2022 – OPAWZ Creative Grooming

Spread the love on February 14th with on-trend and fun creative pet grooming!

Creative grooming tips for Valentine's Day from pet groomers across the globe with the perfect pet grooming ideas to make your pup stand out! 

Winners for the OPAWZ Valentine's Day Grooming Contest 2022

1st place - Grooming By Tamara 
2nd place - Colleen Voegtli
3rd place - Jillian Shikles
Congratulations to the winners and thank you everyone for participating and voting! 
Read article for more contest entries with the groomers' names.

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OPAWZ Christmas Dog Grooming Contest 2021

Merry Christmas Dog Grooming!

Adorable Holiday Creative Grooming Ideas From Professionals Dog Groomers Around The World

Winners for the OPAWZ Christmas Contest 2021

1st place - Thùy Linh Nguyễn
2nd place - Heather Bell
3rd placeRenee Wierz
People's choice - Blaze Schoen

Raffle winners - Lorena Dela, Kim Renew Viverette, Sumer Whitehead

Thank you for the awesome judges we had for this contest:
Lauren Piston, Alyssa Kasiba, and Adrian Smith

All Participants demonstrated impressive grooming technics in our OPAWZ Creative Dog Grooming Christmas Contest 2021. Thank you to everyone who entered and voted! Read article for more contest entries with the groomers' names.

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