OPAWZ Christmas Creative Pet Grooming Contest 2020

Announcing the winners for the OPAWZ Christmas Contest 2020.


We're pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Christmas Creative Pet Grooming Contest:

Winners to the OPAWZ Christmas Creative Pet Grooming 2020

1st place - Angela Stallone Hill
2nd place & people's choice - Erin E. Martin
3rd place - Fux Szabina Kutyafodrászat Ajka

Honorable Mention - Lauren Piston


We want to thank all the groomers for their incredible design and support as always!

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Grooming from the Roots - OPAWZ Creative Pet Grooming Tips & Tricks

Creative pet grooming tips & tricks from professional pet groomer Lilith Lux from Pet Revival USA.
Learn how to groom from roots with OPAWZ pet hair dyes for creative dog grooming. Using safe and pet friendly products, pet grooming can be enhanced by adding personal touches to nearly any pets that can be washed.

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Dog Ears Color Creative Grooming - OPAWZ Pet Hair Dye Tutorial

Dog Ears Color Grooming Tutorial With Pet Hair Dye - OPAWZ Creative Dog Grooming Tutorial

In this dog ears coloring tutorial Ashley Ann is going to demonstrate to you an inspiring creative dog grooming design on dog ears with OPAWZ pet hair dyes, and lots of grooming tips and coloring tips!

Don't miss it!


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Mermaid Inspiration Creative Dog Grooming - OPAWZ Pet Hair Dyes Tutorial

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to do a beautiful mermaid inspiration design from Angenla Kumpe with OPAWZ pet hair dyes.

Easy to apply and fun to use!
For Short & Long Hair, 16 colors available that you can mix to create new ones!


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Tiger Stripes Creative Dog Grooming - OPAWZ Super Black Pet Hair Dye Grooming Tutorial

Take your creative grooming skill & technique to the next level with OPAWZ Creative Dog Grooming Tutorials.

By TJ Serhal

In this article, TJ Serhal will shows you how to do tiger stripes design and transform a dog into a tiger!

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OPAWZ Halloween Creative Dog Grooming Contest 2020

Why not turn your pet into a creature of the night with some creative grooming for this Halloween holiday season 2020?

Winners to the OPAWZ Halloween 2020 Contest! 

 1st Place - Nicole Beckman 
 2nd Place - Isabell Barna-Peabody 
 3rd Place - Sierra Helmuth

We received more than 100 amazing entries this year, thank you to everyone who participated and voted, hope to see you in future events and competitions!

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Necessary Preparation Before Creative Grooming Dog Coloring

Preparation for dog hair color is extremely important and can make or break your creative design.

Here are some simple steps that will ensure you get your desired look.
Tips shared by Lori Craig from Doggie Styles USA.

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Tips For Leopard Spots Creative Grooming - OPAWZ Creative Grooming Tutorial

Here is more tips for leopard spots creative grooming using OPAWZ pet hair dye 

By Blaze Schoen Grooms by Blaze

Check out more tips for leopard spots creative grooming with OPAWZ safe dog hair color dye!

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OPAWZ Funky Pet Color Shampoo - Step By Step Color Shampoo Tutorial

Safe for all pets that can be bathed!

OPAWZ Funky Pet Color Shampoo this pet hair dye color shampoo is specifically formulated for all pets that can be bathed.

All ingredients are non-toxic, safe & gentle, just like regular pet shampoo.

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Leopard Spots Creative Grooming - OPAWZ Creative Grooming Tutorial

OPAWZ brings you the most recognized design in creative grooming  -  Leopard Spots Design.

Leopard spots creative grooming tutorial created by Yi Ling Chen at Le Mi Pet Grooming Salon in brown and black leopard spots by using OPAWZ Pet Hair Dyes.


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