Cat Grooming Tips for Short & Long Haired Cats | Guide To OPAWZ Cat Bathing

It’s that time again - time to give your cat a bath!

A clean cat is a happy cat!  Whether your cat is short-haired or long-haired, find out how to keep your cat happy and clean with OPAWZ cat grooming tips for cat bathing.

Putting Together a Cat Grooming Kit

Here, you’ll find our trusty guide on how to groom your cat with OPAWZ cat grooming product line. Also, we’re going to cover the right tools for the job.

Learn how to groom your cat to have a GREASE FREE FUR & bringing back the cat's shiny coat as a professional cat groomer in just 4 steps >>

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Dog Bathing Machine for Grooming – Work Best With OPAWZ Dog Shampoos


Upgrade your salon's service and clean pets better with OPAWZ Dog Bathing Machine! Not only perfect for large breed dogs but also suitable for cats. Wash all different pets in a much easier way!

This professional, deep coat cleansing pet bathing system designed to make groomers’ job easier and more profitable, conserve water and keep the pets calm during their bath.
Learn the amazing result from the use of OPAWZ dog shampoos product range with OPAWZ dog bathing machine. 

FREE shipping to Canada and the USA

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OPAWZ Pet Bathing System - How to Clean The OPAWZ Dog Bathing Machine

Clean the OPAWZ Pet Bathing System regularly to make sure there is no sediment in the machine!

Learn how to clean the OPAWZ dog bathing machine in this video.


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OPAWZ Pet Bathing System-Lighten Up Your Grooming Workload!

This newly designed groomer pet bathing system makes hideous pet bathing process much easier and effective,  less work is involved by groomers.

It allows any home or professional groomer to bathe dogs, cats in a fraction of the time!


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Use OPAWZ Pet Bathing System to Apply Funky Color Shampoo - Easy and Fast!

Check how OPAWZ Pet Bathing System works with OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo.

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OPAWZ Bathing System – The Pet Bathing System Designed to Groom Smarter

OPAWZ Pet Bathing System : Take the Stress Out of Bathing!

Good for Pets. Good for Business

With the revolutionary OPAWZ recirculating bathing system for dog bathing you can be sure you’ll have a cleaner and much happier pet faster than ever before. This amazing grooming product, that will cut dog bathing time in half, save water and shampoo consumption and get the pet's coat cleaner than your 10 fingers ever can. The results will blow your mind!
Imagine all of your dogs are calm and relaxed in the tub and on the table ready for you to do creative grooming!

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OPAWZ Bathing System - The Most Popular Bathing Machine Among Groomers!

OPAWZ Pet Bathing System, as a newly designed product which makes hideous pet bathing process much easier and effective with lower consumption of cleaning product and water used, and more importantly less work is involved by groomers.

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