It’s that time again - time to give your cat a bath!

A clean cat is a happy cat! Whether your cat is short-haired or long-haired, find out how to keep your cat happy and clean with OPAWZ cat grooming tips for cat bathing.

Let's putting Together a Cat Grooming Kit

Never use human shampoo on cats as they are unsuitable for cat hair and may dry out their skin. Here, you’ll find our trusty guide on how to groom your cat with OPAWZ cat grooming product line. Also, we’re going to cover the right tools for the job.

OPAWZ Cat Shampoos Grooming Testers Set

OPAWZ have cat bathing items listed above handy that make cat grooming as enjoyable as possible.

Cat Bathing

When it comes to bathing your cat, the key is patience! If you’re stressed during the cat grooming session, this can stress the cat out in turn. The calmer you are, the calmer the cat will be. It’s a good idea to get them comfortable with being groomed so that it’s easier and less stressful for them when they get older and need the extra handling.

And don’t rush the bathing process, you should only bathe your cat when you have plenty of time. Never hesitate to praise your cat if they behave well during grooming. Different cats might need varying grooming requirements consider the cat’s breed and texture of fur. Also, think about its age, lifestyle, and overall health.

Brushing for Cats

Cats need regular brushing to keep their coats looking tidy, especially if they have long fur. A little maintenance goes a long way.

Cats with short hair only need to be brushed a couple of times a week. Long-haired cats need a little more care and should be brushed daily, since there is a risk of tangles in the coat (unkept hair can easily become matted, which may cause skin infections).

For short-haired cat use a metal comb to loosen dead fur, starting at their head and working toward the tail. With a bristle or rubber brush, do the same thing to remove the dead hair for long haired cat.

Before even bathing the cats it is best to brush them out first.

Brush the cat helps break up any dirt or dead skin that may be sticking to the grease in their coat, and prevent the cat hair from clogging the drain. Always be careful around your cat’s face, belly, and chest.

Daily Shampoo For Short-haired Cat

Cats with short coats don’t require daily grooming like long-haired cats. Giving them a occasional cat bath helps them to remove all the dirt, saliva, excess oils and dander, leaving their coat smelling wonderful and looking sleek and shiny. The cat will even shed less from regular brushing.

cat friendly shampoo for cat groomingOPAWZ C2 Bouncy Cat Shampoo is designed as a daily use washing shampoo exerts short-haired cats’ hair characteristics into the best status. Leave the hair shiny and soft result with non-strong long-last pleasant.

Daily Shampoo For Long-haired Cat

In order for the appearance of a fluffy cat to please the eye, they require more frequent maintenance and brushing. Cats with long hair are bathed more often than short-haired cats. This is due to the fact that for those with a long coat, lack of hygiene can lead to various skin diseases. It is better not to bring your cat to such a state. 

OPAWZ C3 Volumizing Cat Shampoo is designed as a daily use washing shampoo, leaving the hair shiny and soft result with non-strong long-last pleasant and no static status after a blow-dry.

Cat Degreasing

A grease free cat’s coat is shiny, beautiful, a delight to touch, and supremely functional. A greasy coat is lacking body, movement and volume, and the hair feels oily to the touch. Some cats can have a section of their tails/chins get extremely greasy because their hormones are making the glands produce more oil. Even after a bath they don’t feel very clean; strands of hair are stuck together and their coat is not fluffy. 

Some cats can naturally have greasy coats, we all want our cats to look their best, so the first step to most cat bathing routines is degreasing.

Step 1 - A grease free fur with OPAWZ C0 Degreasing Cream

Without wet the cat down just yet, put OPAWZ C0 Degreasing Cream for Cat on the main trouble area (such as tails). Wet those areas just a little to help lather the cat degreasing cream, rub the cream in with hands.

cat degreasing cream for cat grooming

OPAWZ C0 Degreasing Cream is effective for greasy, oil, or stained hair on cats! No Essential Oils in ingredients. Effectively remove grease, dandruff, and litter and leaves hair soft, shiny, and squeaky-clean with non-strong pleasant.

The purpose of using OPAWZ C1 Grease Eliminator for Cat is to remove the grease from the skin. Apply mainly to the skin to remove black spots, yellow spots and other grease problems easily. 

Cat Degreasing Tips:


Cat Degreasing Result: Before/After

Step 2 - Wet your cat's fur and use C4 Degreasing Shampoo for Cats to  remove the oil and grease from the hair.

C4 Degreasing Shampoo is a cat-friendly shampoo formulated for a quick and easy removal of oil, grease and dirt. This deep cleanse cat shampoo is particularly well suited for use on oily-coated breeds.

After message the greasy area with C0/C1, thoroughly wet the cat's fur. Dilute the C4 degreasing cat shampoo with water at a ratio of 1:10 and gently rub the shampoo into the fur and working up a nice lather. Rinse with water.

Product Tips:

  • Use C4 Degreasing Cat Shampoo for slightly greasy cats.
  • The C4 Degreasing Shampoo for Cats can easily remove the oil from the whole body and the grease stains after using the C1 Grease Eliminator and C0 Degreasing Cream.

Cat Bathing Tips: Use OPAWZ Pet Bathing System with C4 Degreasing Cat Shampoo


Not only save more time on large breeding washing but also great for cats' bathing. OPAWZ Pet Bathing System allows you to bathe the dogs and cats in a fraction of the time.Let cats enjoy the best clean result as well! Best to remove dandruff and grease on cat's hair.
Tip: Get the cat accustomed to the sound of the pet bathing machine by turning it on before use, so the cat can be more comfortable during the cleaning process.

Step 3 - Use either C2 for short-haired cats or C3 for long-haired cats

Use OPAWZ C2-Bouncy Shampoo for Short Haired Cat or OPAWZ C3-Volumizing Shampoo for Long-Haired Cat to strengthen the texture of hair. Dilute the cat-friendly shampoo with water at a ratio of 1:20. Mixed well. Wash thoroughly and rinse.

Rinse the cat shampoo afterward. Keep rinsing until there are no visible traces of the product. Pat the cat dry with a clean towel. Last, brush or comb the cat. By the time the task is complete, your cat might be looking good as new. 

Step 4 - Use a finishing spray - OPAWZ C5 Restorative Mist for Cats, and the grooming process is complete! 

Final step, use OPAWZ C5 Restorative Mist for Cats to receive shiny smooth hair for cats! This finish spray is effectively enhances the flexibility of cat's coat with no static status after the blow-dry. Spray 5-6 times from a distance of 20-30cm, blow-dry without rinsing.

Aging Cats Need Extra Help

As cats get older, it may be more difficult for them to properly groom and care for themselves. It’s important that pet owners step up to make sure that their cats still get the care that they need – whether that be regular bathing, extra brushing, or more frequent nail trimming. 

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