Get cleaner results while saving on water and shampoo!

OPAWZ Pet Bathing System is a newly designed product to make the laborious pet bathing process much easier and effective. It lowers the consumption of cleaning products and water used, and most importantly cuts down on the amount of manual labor for groomers.

Use with the OPAWZ Deep Cleanse Shampoo for the best results!

Operating Principle

By using the circulation method, the OPAWZ Pet Bathing System adjusts water temperature and mixes the water and shampoo evenly.

Spraying through a specially made shower head, the active agent within the shampoo will break down oil stains easily through the pressurized water on the hair, making the showering process easier and much more efficient.

2 different specifications available

OPAWZ Pet Bathing System's Notable Design Features

  1. Strong water pressure: Reduce bathing time with a better clean result.
  2. Plastics exterior: Will not easily rust, providing a more professional look to clients.
  3. Rotatable nipple joint: Makes the bathing process easier and more convenient.
  4. Removable bottom filter screen and auxiliary filter screen: Easily remove and clean pet hairs, extending the machine usage.
  5. Foot Operated Pneumatic Switch: Easily control the bathing system and can be put out of the way to avoid accidentally starting up the pet bathing system.
  6. Leakage protection design: Makes the whole bathing system safer.

Product Parameters

Item Model PBS400-02
Power 400 W
Voltage/Frequency 110V/60HZ
Max. Flow 7000L/hr
Max. Lift Head 7.9m
Diameter φ 1/2"
Power Cord Length 2.5m
Product Weight 4.2 kg
Package Size 390 mm x 272 mm x 365 mm

Product Code: PB01