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Unleash your creativity & get colorful!

OPAWZ strives to provide the very best in professional creative grooming products!

Our lineup includes permanent, semi-permanent and temporary products, all designed specifically to be safe to use on pets.

Having worked closely with pet grooming schools and pet grooming salons for the past decade, we are always innovating and expanding our product range to best serve the groomers' and pet owners' needs and inspire their creativity!

OPAWZ is proudly featured on TV shows and used in creative grooming competitions worldwide. See all our media appearances in the OPAWZ Media & Press Gallery.


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The OPAWZ Pet Color Collection

There are now so many innovative and unique pet grooming products on the market designed to pamper pets in grand style, from shampoos to facials, that it's mind-boggling. But, have you ever come across a grooming product line with such a wide selection of colors as OPAWZ creative grooming line?

OPAWZ Pet Grooming Collection

In addition to color, OPAWZ also offers a full range of pet grooming tools, from the Pet Bathing System to help cut down on shampoo and water usage and save you time, to shampoos and conditioners designed to pamper pets of all hair types, and finishing tools including shears and combs. Practise and perfect your grooming skills with our expansive line of Model Dogs & Wigs!