Grooming Smarter!

With the revolutionary OPAWZ recirculating pet bathing system for dog bathing you can be sure you’ll have a cleaner and much happier pet faster than ever before.


It’s professional, commercial grade, deep coat cleansing and environmentally friendly. The high volume water action cleans and massages dogs faster, reducing hand strain and water bills. Say goodbye to hand scrubbing and an aching back. Increase productivity and cut your pet bathing time in half.

This amazing grooming product, that will cut dog bathing time in half, save water and shampoo consumption and get the pet's coat cleaner than your 10 fingers ever can, take the stress out of bathing. The results will blow your mind!


Good for Pets. Good for Business

Consider the advantage of a pet bathing system that allows you to bath each dog or cat in a fraction of the time while reducing the amount of shampoo you use by more than half.
With OPAWZ Pet Bathing System, it’s better clean, easier job, more money in your pocket, a great way to clean pets quickly and effectively, cut down on wasted water and shampoo, and save time around the shop.
And while you’re enjoying the savings of time and money, your animals will be loving the air-injected, high pressure shampoo applicator which creates a scrubbing action, massaging deep into the coat.
Imagine all of your dogs are calm and relaxed in the tub and on the table ready for you to do creative grooming!

How does it work?

The recirculating pet bathing system requires only a small amount of water and shampoo in your tub – just enough to allow the pump to work. OPAWZ bathing system produces a pressurized stream of pre-mixed shampoo and water that can quickly break through the oily outer barrier of a pet's coat, which helps pets get cleaner faster. By using the circulation method, OPAWZ Pet Bathing System helps to adjust water temperature and mix with water and shampoo evenly.

Once the dog is clean, the grimy water is flush down the drain and the pet is rinsed with fresh water. On really dirty or greasy pets, the water may have to be changed or refilled to get the pet clean.


What is the difference between hand scrubbing and bathing system?

A recirculating bathing system is a very efficient way to bath pets, with results considered by many to surpass hand bathing. When you hand scrub, you are keeping the shampoo moving allowing the surfactants to break up and remove dirt and oil from the dog.
With OPAWZ pet bathing system, the water keeps the shampoo active, resulting in the same effect. The combing action spray penetrates through even the thickest coat, cleaning right down to the skin. Because of the high pressure, the hydro massaging action eliminates almost all hand scrubbing, even while it lifts the most stubborn dirt and grime.
The amazing high volume water pressure is combined with our unique shower head along with the shampoo, you're able to obtain a deep coat cleansing that traditional hand washing and other systems can't provide.


Calmer Pets & every pet gets a Hydro Massage session!

Dogs prefer the bathing system’s high volume water fingers vs human fingers. They become more relaxed for the entire visit, which makes the whole grooming process more enjoyable for everyone!

The specially designed bathing system spray showerhead provide pet with hydro massage automatically, dog receive a massage while they bathe. Simply take the spray showerhead and move it closer and further away creating a massage action. You can use this feature as an additional service charging an additional $1.00 a min or to set yourself apart from your competition!

Tell your clients that every pet gets a Hydro Massage session!

Tips: A few words about shampoo

When using a pet bathing system, we recommend using the high concentrate shampoos that are specifically designed to work with OPAWZ pet bathing system. Because the mixing of water and shampoo is done under pressure, bathing shampoos are highly diluted by the time they reach the coat. A regular shampoo, especially the one containing silicone will often be too thick to work within a pressurized bathing system, and could end up clogging the pipes or creating a ton of suds in the tub.


Deep Cleanse Shampoo

Silicone-oil-free formula removes any build-up and residue from the dirtiest pets and helps detangle the coat.

pet shampoo for pet bathing system

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pet shampoo for pet bathing system

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Turn your regular pet bathing into a creative grooming session!

OPAWZ pet bathing system will completely change the way you use your pet coloring shampoo.

For full body coloring - Simply squirt the OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo directly into the tube of water, and the bathing system will dilute it during bathing process, bath the pet as usual, at least 10 minutes to make the product saturated through the hair and achieve a better coloring effect. Dry the pet and to have a full body coloring pet in pastel color! 

For body part coloring - Apply directly to pets (feet or tail) and massage it onto pet’s hair to achieve a rich foam then wait approximately 10 – 30 minutes depending on the color intensity you desire. Rinse as usual.

Color Shampoo for Pet

Ammonia Free and Parben Free

This safe and gentle formula pet coloring shampoo can be used directly to pets with white hair and very light color hair. Can be used on same colored areas to make more vibrant. Use it in consecutive baths to make the color more vibrant. OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo (7 Colors Available: (Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow, Fuschia, and Vivid Pink.)

pet coloring shampoo for dog

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pet coloring shampoo for dog

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A recirculating system is usually priced less than a Venturi system too. Whereas a Venturi-style bathing system can run from $600 to $1,000, the OPAWZ bathing system is only $449 at OPAWZ.COM.

Our Selection of OPAWZ Pet Bathing System products:

Specially engineered products to make your pet bathing process more easier!



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OPAWZ pet bathing system

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dog groom recirculating bathing system

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pet bathing system

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  • Ms Rosemary Mullen: May 29, 2024
    Author image

    the bathing system looks great is there a distributor in the UK?

  • Virginia Norat: January 12, 2021
    Author image

    Question. Our shop loves your product. We decided to use your funky shampoo since we have a few skin sensitive dogs and the blue did not take on the hair of any of the three white dogs at all. We followed instructions and left it on 35 minutes but not an ounce of blue adhered. What did we do wrong?

    Virginia Norat

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