Animal Print Creative Grooming Designs Ideas 2022

Animal print creative grooming designs from passionate professional groomers. By using the OPAWZ safe pet creative grooming products, groomers transform the pet into a walking piece of art!

Grooming Theme: Animal Print

Congratulations to the winners and thank you everyone for participating and voting! Winners were determined by number of most likes in the OPAWZ Global Group on Facebook.

Winners for the OPAWZ Animal Print Contest 2022

1st place - Pálffy-Szabó Dóri 
2nd place - Christina Lewis Wilt
3rd place - Andrea Delguidice

Below featuring the top 3 likes and our selected works from the OPAWZ Animal Print Designs Creative Grooming Contest 2022.  

Thank you to everyone who entered and voted for the OPAWZ Animal Print Creative Grooming Contest.  We have many more fun and exciting contests planned soon so remember to keep an eye out!

safe dog dye for creative grooming
Alison Titus
safe pet hair dye for dog grooming
Andrea Delguidice
safe pet dye dog grooming contest
Andrea Saud
Andrea Saud
animal safe hair dye dog grooming
Ashley Denham
Ashley Denham
safe pet dye creative dog grooming
Bethany Anita Pate
safe pet hair dye
Brooke Finlayson
safe pet hair dye
Brooke Finlayson
Chelsee Danley
safe pet dye dog grooming
Michele Tabensky
Christina Lewis Wilt
Danyelle Handy
Danyelle Handy
Doritah Sanchez Moreno
animal safe hair dye dog grooming
Grooming By Andrea
Heather Bell
Jenni Nering
Kylee Small
Lindsay RubyRocker Crain-Chamblee
Magda Manczi
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming
Michele Tabensky
safe dog dye
Monica King
safe dog dye for pet grooming
Nicole Naugler
Pálffy-Szabó Dóri
Randi Vahl
Roxanne Roxy
Samantha Murphy
Sandi Garrett
Smooches for the Pooches LLC
Sonya Moore Sullivan
Stacey Webb
Tammy Pino


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