Valentine's Day Theme Design Creative Grooming Live Tutorial 

In this creative dog grooming tutorial, Meghan Terwilliger is going to show you how to use the OPAWZ Permanent pet hair dyes & semi-permanent pet hair dyes to create a Valentine's Day theme design.


Products Used For This Design:

OPAWZ Permanent Pet Hair Dyes - hot red, adorable pink, charm pink, super black.
OPAWZ Semi Permanent Pet hair dyes - shocking pink.

Simple Coloring Steps:

  1. Draw the design outline first
  2. Paint the colors you like
  3. Add more details to make it look better
  4. Paint all other areas
  5.  Rinse after 20-30 mins then blow dry
  6. Trim extra hair

Grooming Tips: Walk the pet and give snacks to make it feel comfortable during the whole creative grooming process.


valentines day dog grooming valentines day dog grooming

 Products Used:

opaws pet hair dye for creative dog grooming


Dog Hair Dye-Hot Red

Dog Hair Dye-Adorable Pink

Dog Hair Dye-Charm Pink

Dog Hair Dye-Super Black

Semi-Permanent Dog Dye - Shocking Pink

OPAWZ Valentine's Day Creative Dog Grooming Value Pack


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