Valentine’s Day!

Happy month of love and friendship, a perfect day to recognise the special place our animal loves have in our hearts.

Your pet is always there for you, whenever you need him, so the best gift you can ever give back to him is your time and attention. So take a little extra time with your pet, and join our OPAWZ Valentine's Day Creative Grooming Contest!

We loved all of your amazing entries! 

Announcing our winners for the OPAWZ Valentines Contest 2021

 1st place - Ester Catalán Samis 
 2nd place - Jessica Bowley 

 3rd place - Andrea Saud Castillo


valentine dog grooming contest

Congratulations to the top 3 entries with most likes whom will win a copy of iFashion.Pet Creative Grooming Collection from OPAWZ! 

Below featuring the top 3 likes and more selected entries from the OPAWZ Valentine's Day Grooming Contest 2021.

We want to thank all the groomers for their incredible design and support as always! Thank you to everyone who participated! Can't wait to see what everyone will create in our future contests!

safe dog dye dog hair color
Meghan Terwilliger
safe dog dye creative pet grooming
Liz Thomison
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming contest
Mikhail Williams
safe pet dye grooming
Natalia Solovjeva
animal safe hair dye dog grooming
Gisela Andrea Gonzalez Olguin
safe dog dye for creative pet grooming
Jessie Powell
Joys Dog Grooming
Rachel Collins McCurry
Taegan Frans
Jamie Melissa Swee
Mary Greer
Bridgette Bonner
Jessica Morgan Bechtel
Irina Podgornay
Felicia Davis
Cassandra Stephens
Sarah Gwen
Summer Dawne
Randi Vahl
Andrea Saud Castillo
Kory N Wicahpi Allen
Desa Rae Laurent
Hermilys Perez
Korolevska Snizhana
Rayne Kracko
Rissa Faustoy
Jerica Wood
Randi Vahl
Szabo Rita
Colleen McManus
Iowa Lakes Professional Dog Grooming
Katie Jayne Adams
Crystal Rodriguez
Natalia Solovjeva
Korolevska Snizhana
Steampup Parlor
Sherrine Thijzen
My Ma
Dominique Archie
Brittney Maskewich


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