Safe for all pets that can be bathed!

OPAWZ Funky Pet Color Shampoo is a color-depositing shampoo specifically formulated for pets. Color lasting 3-8 washes.

All ingredients are non-toxic, safe & gentle, just like regular pet shampoo.

Easy-to-apply and lasting 3-8 washes, it is the perfect way for creative groomers and pet owners to add dog hair color to white and light-colored pets that can be bathed.

Here’s a step-by-step creative grooming tutorial on how you can color your pet easily with OPAWZ pet color shampoo for temporary dog hair coloring.

Step-By-Step Tutorial With Illustration

  • Step 1¬†

    Rinse pet hair. If the pet is dirty and oily, use OPAWZ Deep Cleanse Shampoo and thoroughly wash your pet. Ensure the pet’s hair is clean for coloring. 

  • Step 2¬†

    Squeeze excess water from the pet's hair or lightly towel dry. Hair should be damp for pet color shampoo application. 

  • Step 3¬†

    Apply pet color shampoo to the desired area(s). Lather well and make sure the pet hair color shampoo is saturated throughout the hair. Leave in for 10-30 minutes. The longer the color shampoo stays on, the more vibrant the result. 

  • Step 4¬†

    Really easy Rinse the pet color shampoo off. Use OPAWZ Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner and leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse and blow dry. 

Tips for Using OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo

  • Pets‚Äô hair textures can vary, so the result will be varied as well.

  • Wire coats will need more rest time for the color to penetrate fully.

  • For longer-lasting color and a shiny, healthy coat, use OPAWZ Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner.

  • Vivid Pink will look purple right out of the bottle and when applied, but it will wash off to pink.

  • OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo can be applied using a bathing machine. Get a nice and even result easily while you bathe the pet.

7 Color Available: Blue, Pink, Vivid Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow, and Fuchsia

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