OPAWZ Pet Color Shampoo with Pet Bathing System

In this creative grooming live video, professional dog groomer Stacy Brown is going to show you how to color her Afghan dog named Aurora in the color of pink with the OPAWZ Pet Color Shampoo & a water re-circulator pet bathing machine.

OPAWZ Pet Color Shampoo Live Tutorial by Stacy Brown

OPAWZ Funky Pet Color Shampoo is a great way to get started in creative grooming and introducing the pet to color, simply apply and let sit for 10-30 minutes, color lasts 3-8 washes. 

The longer the color shampoo stays on, the brighter the color result!

Not only for washing, now you can color easily with OPAWZ Pet Bathing System!

Use a pet bathing system with the OPAWZ Funky Pet Color Shampoo to get the fast, even and amazing coloring result.

Use the Bathing System to clean the dog first, then start to apply OPAWZ Funky Pet Color Shampoo as the same when you wash the dog. Only 10-20 mins needed to apply the color! Save more time and the color applies more evenly!

For dogs with greasy coat, use OPAWZ Deep Cleanse Dog Shampoo together with bathing system to achieve a better cleaning result before applying the pet color shampoos.

  •  A must-have helper for pet salon.
  • Save time, save manpower, and save up to 1/3 of water and shampoo. 
  • Helps to adjust water temperature, mix with water and shampoo evenly by using the circulation method, provide a comfortable bath for pets with a more clean result. 
  • The dual filter system can effectively prevent clogging.
  • Effectively clean every part of both large or small breeds that cannot be cleaned evenly and deeply by hands.

For Cat Bathing with OPAWZ Pet Bathing System

Get the cat accustomed to the sound of the bathing machine by turning it on before use, so the cat can be more comfortable during the cleaning process.

OPAWZ Pet Color Shampoo - Coloring Result by Stacy Brown:

pet color shampoo dog grooming

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