Hair Color Inspiration For Dog Ear Coloring Done by Ashley Ann

Wondering why the colors aren't vibrant after dyeing the dog's hair?
And how to prevent the dog hair dye from staining the outside of the coloring area on a white coat?

In this dog ears coloring tutorial Ashley Ann is going to demonstrate to you an inspiring creative dog grooming design on dog ears with OPAWZ pet hair dyes, and lots of grooming tips and coloring tips.

"This color look was inspired by the happiness this job brings me. Although a lot is going on in our world currently, there’s still so much that we can smile about. - Ashley Ann"


Dog Ears Coloring Result:

safe pet hair color for dog ear coloring

safe dog hair color dye for dog ear coloring


Material Used:




Helpful Review:

“It works great! I was a little nervous at first that it wouldn’t look right. But it is very vibrant. The longer you leave it in the more vibrant pigmentation you will get. I left it on for about 20 minutes and it looks awesome.  YOU MUST WEAR GLOVES!”


Color Isolation Cream



Color Isolation Cream is a special protective cream to protect areas where you do not want the colors to show. Completely non-toxic and gentle on pet's coat.


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