Getting Ready To Color

For best coloring result, you generally shouldn't shampoo the dog immediately before coloring because this will remove the natural oils that protect the dog’s skin during the coloring process.

Instead, it's best to shampoo 12-24 hours before coloring and makes sure NOT to apply any conditioner to the coat after shampoo. You can condition after coloring with OPAWZ Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner, it has been specifically tested for use with the pet hair color to help create softness and shine.

Don’t forget to strand test the hair dye on a small portion of your dog’s fur to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

You will need:

  • Metal Comb
  • OPAWZ pet hair dyes (Permanent pet hair dye / semi-permanent pet hair dye)
  • OPAWZ Ultrashine Moisture Pet conditioner
  • Mixing bowl or OPAWZ Coloring Palette 
  • OPAWZ Dog Hair Dye Tool Kit
  • Disposable gloves
  • Towels
  • Aluminum foils

Applying Color

  1. With a clean and prepared coat, carefully section off the hair for coloring between ear and head, use hair clips to secure. Place cotton balls in your dog’s ears.
  2. Cut out strips of foil that are 4 inches wide and at least 2 inches longer than the length of your dog’s fur on the ear. Cut out more strips than you think you'll need, so you won't run out.
  3. Brush the dog’s hair to get rid of any tangles. 
  4. Stir and mix OPAWZ pet hair dyes in mixing bowl, and put on disposable gloves.
  5. Place a piece of foil under the hair you want to color, use the back of the rat-tail comb to tuck the edge of the foil as close as possible to the dog’s skin.
  6. Brush the pet hair dye over the hair strands with a flat hair-coloring brush. Saturate all the selected strands, from the roots to the tips. 
  7. Fold the foil in half, so the bottom meets the top of the foil, with the dog’s hair packed in the middle. Avoid pushing down on the foil. Make another fold down the middle of the foil, again bringing the bottom edge toward the top, to form a smaller foil pouch. Fold the outsides of the foil inward. Lift the foil pouch up and secure it with a hair clip. Be careful not to get dye on the rest of your dog’s fur, eyes or nose.
  8. For the next section of hair below the pouch, color it in the same fashion as Step 7 using different color dye. Work in layers from the front to the back, this way you can do a beautiful color blending effect without color transfer, repeating Steps 6 to 8 for each section of hair for different color.
  9. Leave the foil in your dog’s hair for the duration of 10-20 minutes, the longer the dye stays on, the more intense the color will be. Or go by the time duration determined by your strand test.
  10. Unfold the foil pouches and remove them from the dog’s hair.
  11. Rinse the dog’s coat with warm water to remove the dye until water runs clear, do not shampoo the dog again. and condition it with theOPAWZ Ultrashine Moisture Pet conditioner and towel dry your dog.

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  • Mariea Allwood : April 02, 2019
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    Thank you guys for the all the step by step and pictures to help my colour my dog everywhere we go people want to take his photo

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