Why Creative Dog Grooming?

By Brittney Cook
A Furry Affair USA

"Why?" This is the question we get asked frequently when people see our vibrant pets in public. There is a misconception that these pets are being forced to do something they do not wish to take part in or that it is harmful. What many do not know, is that as pet professionals, there are a multitude of safety boxes we mentally check before we color a pet.

Does this pet enjoy grooming? Are they anxious? Are they elderly? Do they struggle being handled? Can they stay still comfortably? Do they have skin irritation?

Because we care for the well being of each animal, only after answering these questions can the choice be made.

So, what if they are a good candidate for creative grooming? Then it's time to have some fun! When my standard poodle first started to learn grooming manners, he could not get enough delicious treat rewards. Every morsel he earned by just relaxing and allowing me to apply color to his coat. It is truly a unique bonding experience that teaches your pet trust sensory skills, engagement, and patience.

Creative styling can also be functional. Identification, visibility, and therapy can all be exercised in the creative world. It would be difficult to miss a shocking pink pup wandering a street or bouncing through the woods. They would be incredibly easy to identify if they were ever stolen or lost. Therapy animals are already fantastic, but can you imagine the enchanted look on a sick child's face when a rainbow dog walks up to them in the hospital? That dog has sparked their imagination and made the impossible seem possible again.

You could say creative grooming is the spice of life. Every animal is given unconditional love. They are our family in so many ways, we just can't help but treat them as such. The only difference is that we show that love by giving them extra pampering and glamour. Polish, extensions, jewels, sculpting and color; It is all part of an art form.

It's for these reasons I ask

"Why not?"



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