Using the proper dog grooming shear will impact the speed and quality of your work, how it feels, not just in your hand, but how it feels to your whole body is the most important thing that you should look for in a shear.

Some groomers like a heavy shear, but most prefer a lighter one. Be aware of your preference and make sure that the weight of the shear is comfortable and that you have a feeling of control all the way to the tip of the blade.

OPAWZ offer dog grooming shears with curved or straight edge.

OPAWZ offer dog grooming shears with curved or straight edge. Made from high-quality Japanese Hitachi 440C Stainless steel and with an adjustable screw for customized tension, come with finger inserts so you get your best fit. They’re comfortable and lightweight for the groomer to hold. These shears work well on all coat types and trimming styles, you can feather or add texture to the fur. Shorter shears are best for small dogs, while shears with a longer length should generally be reserved for larger breeds.

Taking proper care of the grooming shears will prolong the life of the shears and the sharpness of the blades, helping them to last for decades of professional use.


A Quick Guide To Shear Care

Clean your shears daily.

Leaving shears dirty will cause problems down the road. Shears must be cleaned and oiled daily. It is crucial to ensure that any pet hair and moisture have been wiped off from the blades and the tension screw. Fur will hold moisture which can rust the shears, which in turn will work onto the shears blades and the center screw that holds the shears together. If you’ve used hairspray or any kind of product, wipe and rub them off completely. Never leave the dog grooming shear to soak in any cleaning fluid, this has devastating effects on the blades and the tension screw and will ultimately have an adverse effect on the shears.

Use of shear lube. 

Shear lube helps to ensure the shear screws stay tightly in place, and prevent moisture and grime from building up on the shears. After you’ve applied the shear lube, gently open and close the shears, then wipe excess oil over the blades and clean them off. Keeping the shear screw free of pet hair & moisture will help the shear work more efficiently.

Shear Tension Checking

All shears require correct tension to cut properly. A shear that is too loose will bend hair & fur. A shear that is too tight will put unnecessary stress on the blades and will pre-maturely dull them. Even brand-new, high-quality shears will not cut properly if the tension is out of adjustment. We recommend checking the tension at least once per week, of course, every day is even better!

How to check shear tension

  1. Hold the shears in one hand and point the tips of the blades upward.
  2. Raise one blade of the shears to a 90-degree angle.
  3. Let go of the raised blade, let it fall and observe:

Too Loose - the blades close all the way, the tension is too loose
Too Tight - the blades don’t move at all and stay open or don't close enough, the tension is too tight.

Tip: Turn the screw clockwise to tighten, and counter-clockwise to loosen. Adjust the screw with small movements. Once you have made an adjustment, re-check the tension of your shear. It may take some back and forth to get the tension set correctly, but a small adjustment can make a big difference! 

Get into a habit of adjusting tension regularly, you should be ready to get started on the next grooming appointments with a properly working shear!

Ensure the grooming shears are protected from the salon environment and help prevent rust from occurring, store your shears in a cool and dry place in a closed position.



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