Christmas inspiration time!

Here's the OPAWZ Christmas creative dog grooming live tutorial by Jilly Mooch.

Creative grooming is a way to spend more time with pets, at the same time explore new ideas and holiday styles for your pets!

"Summer’s Mrs. Claus Christmas groom was so much fun! We didn’t get to finish because she was tired and, as a 13-year-old senior dog she gets all the nap time she wants! Grooming, in any form, be it creative, pet, competition, or show, shouldn’t be about perfection...the dog and its needs and comfort should ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS be the main priority. Besides...she looks ADORABLE even without her ears curled and her Christmas bonnet perfectly coiffed and glittered." - Jilly Mooch

Mrs. Claus Christmas Dog Groom By Jilly Mooch Part 1

Mrs. Claus Christmas Dog Groom By Jilly Mooch Part 2

Summer's  Xmas creative grooming result with OPAWZ Safe Pet Hair Dyes:

opawz christmas dog grooming tutorial

OPAWZ safe pet hair dye xmas dog grooming


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