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Josh White
Dogue Spa
West Hollywood, California.
Facebook: doguespa
Instagram: @joshandsnow

Recently Dogue Spa was named best dog groomer of L.A. by Los Angeles Magazine - the spot for fashionable pooches, including those belonging to Usher and Awkwafina. 

The attention hasn’t stopped there.

Josh White also got featured at Los Angeles Times.

Get a deeper look into what Dogue is about and how passionate the team is about dog grooming, full article here :

The wonderfully trippy style of L.A.’s best dog groomer

With fierce new haircuts and the latest in pet-safe funky color combinations for dog grooming, Josh White is shattering the perception of what a dog groomer looks like and helping to modernize the pet industry, which tends to be steeped in old-school tradition.

A staunch animal lover since childhood, Josh White is fusing his love of fashion with a career in dog grooming, building a brand and business that feels apt for our social media-fueled and pet-obsessed times.

josh white creative grooming with opawz

Josh White’s own pooch, Snow, has become an Instagram sensation, thanks to her ever-changing, multi-colored dreamcoat. Dogue Spa uses OPAWZ vegetable-based pet safe dyes and performs patch tests on clients.


 “I may not be what people think of when they think of a dog groomer,” White says. “But for me, I’m putting my dues in, in my own way. I’m making my own space.” - Josh White

Favourite OPAWZ Product To Work With

OPAWZ pet-safe dog hair color shampoo for creative grooming


OPAWZ Pet-Safe Permanent Dog Hair Dye


Selected Works From Josh White 


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