OPAWZ Pet Hair Dye Creative Dog Grooming Tutorial by Nicole Beckman

Full live Demo for Blue Willow China Design creative dog grooming tutorial from Nicole Beckman inspired by Chinese porcelain.

Hand painting with OPAWZ Permanent Pet Hair Dyes. The long-lasting vibrant dog hair colors with great coverage on white, apricot, grey, and brown hair.

Learn To Sketching Out Ideas Before Committing To Any Designs

Why You Should Start Your Design Process with Sketching
While it’s easy to think that sketching is just an extra step, it’s actually a great way to help you focus your ideas and make sure the best ones turn into your finally creative grooming works.
Sketches from Nicole Beckman

creative grooming ideas

Live Demo For Blue Willow China Design Inspired by Chinese porcelain


The final results from Nicole Beckman's live tutorial:


Materials Used For This Design:

OPAWZ Dog Hair Dye-Innocent Blue



OPAWZ Dog Hair Dye-Cobalt Blue



OPAWZ Permanent Color Dilution Cream




OPAWZ Color Dilution Cream is an innovative formula which helps to create numerous wonderful colors when mixed with OPAWZ pet hair dyes. Be sure to stir well with a brush before use.

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