OPAWZ pet hair chalk is one of the most popular temporary color ranges we have.

It's safe, non-toxic, can be washed out in one shampooing.

OPAWZ pet hair chalk colors are made from similar ingredients as those used in the cosmetic industry to ensure the safety of pets. Colors can be used on dogs, cats, and other small pets. (product is not for ingesting).

OPAWZ Pet Hair Chalk (4g) OPAWZ Grooming Spray (60ml)


Use OPAWZ grooming spray for dramatic results!

We highly recommend using OPAWZ grooming spray while coloring with OPAWZ pet hair chalk, this way can improve the color adhesiveness of pet hair chalk on pet coat and create a more intense color.

OPAWZ grooming spray can also use to assist with holding and styling of the pets’ hair.

OPAWZ pet hair chalks 10 color options including, Pink, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, Black, White, Yellow, Red, Brown

 Color Inherent  Ability


 Suitable for all coat type from light to dark hair coat

 Color Durability


 Short-term durability, but with the help of OPAWZ grooming spray, color can be enhanced and lasting for 1 - 2 days.

 Water  Resistance


 Easy-removable. Stay in the pet hair for 1 -2 washes depending on fur texture.



 No need to blow dry. Non-greasy.

N.B. Know that pet with lighter-colored coat may have success with all types of chalk colors; those with a darker coat may need brighter colors in order to truly have the chalk color stand out.

OPAWZ pet hair chalk applying methods

A. Rub directly onto coat by pressing down the pet hair chalk against pet coat. ( Small area of coloring)

B. Rub pet hair chalk onto pet hair by fingers (strands coloring, highlights)

C. Apply with OPAWZ Professional Coloring Brush Kit, it is specially designed for creative grooming( Large area of coloring)

D. Use a makeup sponge or cotton pad, e.g. below shows a makeup sponge available in Sephora. 

How to use OPAWZ pet hair chalks on different lengths of coat

Short-haired coat

Apply pet hair chalk with tattoo stencils

  1. Press tattoo stencils against fur
  2. Spray OPAWZ grooming spray on the tattoo stencils covered area
  3. Apply pet hair chalk on tattoo stencil pattern by using a smaller brush, can apply different color together to achieve a gradient effect.
  4. Spray OPAWZ grooming spray again after coloring, it will provide longer-lasting color on the pets’ coat.

Long-haired coat

  1. Brush hair
  2. Style the pet hair with OPAWZ grooming spray
  3. Apply pet hair chalk directly or with brushes
  4. Comb through hair to get rid of the redundant color chalk.
  5. Spray OPAWZ grooming spray again for the color to settle

Additionally, we would like to introduce the special use of OPAWZ pet hair chalk - White.

  • For coverage - OPAWZ white pet chalk can significantly cover stains caused by tear and urine on occasions of during competition or photography
  • Before coloring dark hair coat with OPAWZ color paste, airbrush or OPAWZ paint pen, white pet hair chalk can be applied first as a coloring base for temporary coloring.


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