Welcome to the happy Halloween celebrations at OPAWZ!

Happy Halloween to everyone and their furry friends! Wish you lots of spooky surprises and frightful fun on 'Boo Day'! Add a little gore to your pet's look with OPAWZ safe dog hair dye for a Halloween that's filled with hauntingly happy times and make the night a memorable one.

Contest Theme:  
The spirit of Halloween: Goblins , ghosts , skeletons and all.
Be creative. Be original. Be bold.

Get ready to be blown away

We received over 150 amazing Halloween contest entries this year! 

Announcing our winners of the OPAWZ Halloween Contest 2021

  1st Place - Rachel Baker Ross 
 2nd Place - Rayne Kracko 

  3rd Place - Anais Hayden
People's Choice - Alex Morrison

Honorable mentions:
Christina Lewis Wilt, Bethany Anita Pate, Rachel Christensen


Special thanks to our judges Lauren Piston, Alyssa Kasiba and Adrian Smith. Thank you for your dedication and skill when it came to the judging of our Halloween Contest this year. Without your generosity, knowledge and patience, this contest would not have gone as smoothly as it has. 

creative dog grooming contest

Honorable Mentions

creative dog grooming contest

Below featuring the top 3 winners and more selected entries from the OPAWZ Halloween Contest 2021.

We want to thank all of the groomers for their incredible amazing grooms and support! Please look forward to our next contest soon! 

safe dog dye dog hair color
Rachel Baker Ross- 1st Place
safe dog dye creative pet grooming
Alex Morrison-People's Choice
safe dog dye creative pet grooming
Rachel Christensen
safe dog dye creative pet grooming
Addison Jewell
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming contest
Nikki Blaha
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming contest
Paquet Annie
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming contest
Tristan Allen
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming contest
Vikki Pearman
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming contest
Zahria Nicole
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming contest
Pawsh Wash LLC
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming contest
Randi Vahl
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming contest
Roxanne Roxy
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming contest
Alexus Rose McEnery
safe pet dye grooming
Allison Pinkham
animal safe hair dye dog grooming
Alyssa Winsor
safe dog dye for creative pet grooming
Natasha Oscorris
Andi Penick
Anita Döring
Annette Negrete
Aryiel Stoops
Ashley Adams
Gloria Hardaway
Gris Denise
Hayley Heinemann
Jamie Blackford
Jennie Payne
Jennifer Nicole Brown
Jennifer Nicole Woo
Jessica Holloway
Jessica Marie Miklasz
Samantha Anderson
Samantha Mcdermott
Samantha SJ Eccles
Sarah Engel
Juliebee Duguay
Euge Gaston
Benedicte Akerholdt
Alexis A. Medina
Sydney Taylor Williams
Molnar Andrea
Jordyn Nelson
Rayne Kracko-2nd Place
Sun Country Grooming
Tricia Lee
Yurie Moore
Ashley Coveney
Ashley Downing
Ashley Kramer Cpg Cce
Ashley Nichole
Ashley Rudolph
Bailey Hope
Becky Bole
Bethany Anita Pate
Blaze Schoen
Brooke Finlayson
Colleen Bray
Joel Desrosiers
Juanita Harris
JKarry Croy-Mang
Kati Franz Ncmg
Kayla Reese
Kayla Scott
Kimberly Buhler
Shady Noctia
Shania Lyn
Shannon Cardiff Claes
Shannon Rangel
Sharon Sowers
Shelby Zonghi
Sierra Nadine Schoon
Summer Williams
Yoli Banda
Taryn Harada
Joanna Elson
Людмила Функнер
Carolina Ridgeway
Heather Bell
Rachel Marie Jenkins
Cheyenne Gallo
Roxanne Roxy
Andrea Saud
Anais Hayden-3rd Place
Chaniece Denielle
Summer Williams
Stephanie Sands
Nata Ole
Christina Lewis Wilt
Crystal Hosea
David Artman
Diaz Aidy
Emanuela Robbiano
Emily Hoffmann Maas
Emily Megan McConnell
Emma Katie
Erika Lewellen Anderson
Erin E. Martin
Ethan Dietrich
Kyle Rigsby
Lara Oneschak
Liz Thomison
Lizzie Kirsty Thomas
Lonnie Clay-Lewis
Lorena Dela
Makayla Farmer
Mariah Hebb
Marjorie Melendez
Melii Color
Nataliia Soloviova
Michelle Blackburn
Miranda Seim
Natalie Kovecses
Alessandra Madrid
Ashlie Garcia
Christina Lewis Wilt
Leslie Burgreen Waldrep
Felicia Davis
Tiffany Tate
Stacy Hayes Przybylinski
Laurence Laferriere
Tammy Pino
Roxanne Roxy
Meagan Townsend


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