Happy Easter Pet Grooming!

Happy Easter to everyone and their furry friends! Have you done anything with your pets for Easter? Add some spice to your pet's look with pet-safe Dog Hair Dye for festive seasons and bring out your creative side.

And the pet?  

Their tail's wagging and they enjoy it!

Announcing our winners of the OPAWZ Easter Contest 2021

  1st Place - Irina Podgornay 
 2nd Place - Carriann Phillips 

  3rd Place - Djenny Reijers van Leeuwen


valentine dog grooming contest

Below featuring the top 3 likes and more selected entries from the OPAWZ Easter Contest 2021.

We want to thank all the groomers for their incredible design and support as always! Thank you to everyone who participated! Please look forward to more contests in the future.

safe dog dye dog hair color
Irina Podgornay
safe dog dye creative pet grooming
Irina Podgornay
safe pet dye for creative dog grooming contest
Joanna Elson
safe pet dye grooming
Jennifer Nicole Brown
animal safe hair dye dog grooming
Andrea Saud Castillo
safe dog dye for creative pet grooming
Krzysztof Czarnecki
Natalia Solovjeva
Jessica Capeles DeJesus
Sheri McCullough
Chasity McCord
Fabok Vivien
Carriann Phillips
Haley Pearl Galebach
Fabok Vivien
Blaze Schoen
Abby Jackson
Jennifer Verteramo
Irina Podgornay
Katie Darcey
Felcia Svensson
Lisa McVay
Katthew Fitzgerald
Szabo Rita
Djenny Reijers van Leeuwen
Jennifer Nicole Brown
Dawn Santucci
Jordyn Nelson
Juliebee Duguay
Sue Burke
Marzia Tiny Oro
Shanda Sognavong
Megan Merry
Alyssa Vandegriff
Anh Khương Ryan
Baylee Brab


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