Funky Pet Color Shampoo - Enjoy gentle and caring pet hair color without ammonia and paraben!

Professional pet hair color shampoo designed for gentle cleansing and hair coloring for creative grooming. Color your pet simple with our new semi-permanent color of OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo lasting 3 - 8 washes, the coloration to fall in love with!

Pet Color Shampoo
Safe For All Pets That Can Be Bathed!

OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo is an alternative of permanent pet hair dye and it works simply.
It gives you free reign to experiment without worrying about long-term effects.
A great way to switch up your pet's hair and express your artistic side, these pet color shampoos are perfect for pets with white or very light color hair.


The Formula

The no-ammonia no paraben/sulfate formula cares for the pet hair from roots to tips already while coloring.
This advanced form of pet hair coloring product has the ability to color your pet's hair whenever you bathing your pet and making their coat colorful.
7 color tones can be creatively mixed together, or used separately to maintain and enhance similar color for already dyed pet hair.
OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo (7 Colors Available: Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Vivid Pink, Yellow, and Fuschia)     

Easy To Use and Hassle-Free

With the foaming formulation, you can easily apply and massage like a usual shampoo, the application of Funky Pet Color Shampoo is extremely easy and hassle-free.
Use it directly to pet hair, let sit for 10-30 mins for a pretty pastel color result.
The color will be washed off after 3-8 washes.
The color will not stain or rub off on furniture or your clothes.
To be used in salon and at home.

Funky Pet Color Shampoo Tips:

  • Pet's hair textures can vary, so the coloring result will be varied.
  • Wiry coats will need more resting time for the color to penetrate fully.
  • For longer-lasting color and a shiny, healthy coat, use OPAW Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner after coloring.
  • Use it in consecutive baths to make the color more vibrant
  • It will last longer on some porous hair.
  • If the hair is too greasy bath it with OPAWZ Deep Cleanse Shampoo first
  • Do not use any conditioners or treatment products before applying Funky Color Shampoo, if used it will prevent color from transferring.

pet color shampoo for dog pet hair dye

Big Value Saving

If you want to achieve a pastel color effect for a standard poodle,  a full-body coloring job will use around 1500ml of pet hair dyes,  whereas by using pet color shampoo, 250ml of color shampoo will be enough for the full-body coloring for the size of a standard poodle.

And by combining the use of the OPAWZ Pet Bathing System, the recirculating water keeps the shampoo active, the color shampoo was applied evenly through the high pressure hydro massaging action shower head from the bathing system and resulting in a full-body coloring pet in a perfect pastel color in no time. This recirculating bathing system will minimize the amount of dye that washes down the drain, you will be getting the most out of every drop of the Funky Pet Color Shampoo.

Coloring Tips:

Full body coloring - Simply squirt the OPAWZ Funky Color Shampoo directly into the tube of water, and the bathing system will dilute it during the bathing process, bath the pet as usual, at least 10 minutes to make the product saturated through the hair and achieve a better cleaning effect. Dry the pet and to have a full-body coloring pet in pastel color! This way will reduce your pet color shampoo usage dramatically.

Body part coloring - Apply directly to pets (feet or tail) and massage it onto pet's hair to achieve a rich foam then wait for approximately 15 – 30 minutes depending on the color intensity you desire. Rinse and dry as usual.



Color Enhancing Pet Shampoo

This multi-use pet coloring shampoo is marvelous for extending the life of the dye job for pets. It preserves the freshly done, beautiful pet hair color.
Use it as a way to keep the pet's color fresh and vibrant between pet salon visits. It's a great in-between-salon-visit product after a pet color service for your clients, make your pet salon business more feasible and cost-effective! You can continue using to make the color brighter. When used regularly, this product helps extend and toning the pet hair color after a dyed job.

Business Tips:

Introduce this color-enhancing pet color shampoo to your clients, after all, it makes no sense for them to spend a fortune on coloring the pet's hair at pet salon only to use a regular pet shampoo that strips the color at home. 

Try The Pet Color Shampoo Sample!

As with any pet hair color product, it is best to test, test, test! In fact, that is part of the fun!




Try one of our pet coloring shampoos (60ml) on our list and the next time you color, try another one!
Over time, you will start to learn the brand, products, and routines that work best for your creative grooming.

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