Let OPAWZ introduces this new grooming tool to all talent groomers in this world!

OPAWZ Shaping Pen is an ideal innovative professional tool for groomers who would like to do fun creative grooming design. It is specially designed for dog hair outlining, undercut and tattoo.

Consistent with its sharp and smooth blade, professionals can create different hair tattoos, straight lines, and other hair designs easily by using it just in a second.

*OPAWZ Shaping Pen Kit contains 1 Grooming Pen, 20 blades, and 1 pin for blade removal.


Step 1. Take a blade out from the kit, and carefully hold it with fingers, push the blade to form a "U" shape with another finger.

Step 2. Insert the "U" shape blade into the pen tip.

Step 3. Push the blade all the way in with a help of a table until it reaches the end and it tight. After all these steps the pen can be ready for use.

Tip: Keep the tip of the blade and the tip of the pen always touching the skin at the same time when using, gently shave.

*Blade is sharp, please avoid putting too much force and shaving the same area repeatedly. If the blade is not sharp anymore, be sure to replace the blades as needed, the blunt blade can easily damage skin tissues.

*Blade is recommended for one person single use.

DISASSEMBLY: After finish using, push the pin into the vacant area inside the "U" shape, firmly hold onto the "U" shape blade when pushing the blade out with the pin.

CAUTION: Keep it out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Proceed with caution. Do not attempt other purposed that's not indicated in this manual.

OPAWZ Shaping Pen Kit, combining with OPAWZ Tattoo Stencils can be easily creative unique grooming design!

A kindly reminder

PLEASE color the hair before using the shaping pen. The shaping pen may damage the skin if it is the first time to use it. Or maybe using the shaping pen to curve the outline first and then applying the colors after one week in order to reduce the hair damage.

Come to check this instructional video for more information!