Creative groomers love working with OPAWZ pet hair colors.

Not only do we have permanent and semi-permanent pet hair dyes, but we also have temporary pet hair color products including color paste, glitter gel, glitter powder, pet hair chalk, airbrush, paint pen and blow pen.

They are all simple to apply, the best creative tools that fuel your grooming work, and keep your clients’ pets looking fantastic.

Permanent Pet Hair Dye (long-lasting)

These bright, fashionable and unique permanent colors work best for long lasting pet grooming. Results may vary with coat type and breed. Non-toxic and gentle on pet's coat.  All the colors can be mixed with each other according to your own preference. 

Lightening Cream (long-lasting)

OPAWZ Hair Lightening Cream, when used with Developer, ensures that moisture loss is prevented while reducing hair breakage. Hair Lightening Cream should be mixed with OPAWZ Developer at a ratio of 1:2.

Semi-Permanent Pet Hair Dye ( 8 washes)

Color Lasting Time: 8 washes for most coat type

Temporary Pet Hair Colors

OPAWZ Blow Pen is a new way to create for pets grooming, simply aim and blow to spray 10 different colors provided (red, purple, orange, green, light blue, dark blue, black, and pink). Used on clean and dry coat, and easy to remove the color by shampoo or soap.

Color Lasting Time: 2-5 washes 

Color Paste (1- 2 washes)

OPAWZ Color Paste is an instantly saturated, non-toxic temporary color that can turn your pet's hair into any and all colors of the rainbow!

Color Lasting Time: 1-2 washes

Pet Hair Chalk (1- 2 washes)

OPAWZ Pet Hair Chalk does not compromise the coat in any way, adhere well on pet’s hair with bright and vibrant colors. Works well both on the dark coat and light color coats.

Color lasting Time: 1-2 washes

Airbrush & Temp Ink (1-2 washes)

OPAWZ Temp Ink is a temporary color ink that specifically designs for pet groomer with the air brush.

Color Lasting Time: 1-2 washes

Paint Pen (1- 2 washes)

Opawz Paint Pens are the best way to temporarily change the pet’s color for a creative look. Each set contains ten colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, browhite and black. Each tube rolls up an attractive color and rubs on the pet’s hair smoothly. Ideal for both short and long hair pets.

Lasting Time: 1-2 washes

Glitter Gel (1 wash)

OPAWZ Glitter Gel is a pet temporary styling gel that covers pet's coat in colored glitter and helps to create your own unique pet style, easy-on and easy - off. This pet coat glitter is designed to give pet coats a glamorous presence in any special occasions.

Color Lasting Time: 1 wash

Glitter Powders (1 wash)

Very thin and ready to use, suitable for professional salon groomers or use at home for a quick grooming decoration.OPAWZ ultra-fine, lightweight glitters powder for creative grooming, offer the maximum reflection of light to literally radiate any area they are applied.

Lasting Time: 1 wash

Check out OPAWZ Color Characteristics for more detailed information