OPAWZ Halloween Dog Grooming Contest 2019 brings out the most talented groomers in the business to showcase their Best Halloween creative dog grooming ideas to the world. Professional groomers of all experience levels are welcome to enter and to show off their unique style, creative inspiration and ingenious techniques.

As the OPAWZ Halloween Creative Grooming Contest 2019 ended, we want to thank all the groomers that participated in the our Halloween Dog Grooming Contest. We are so proud of all the amazing works shared with us, all of the participants show their great enthusiasm and unlimited creativity and we thank you for your continued support.


Below featuring the top 3 likes and our selected designs from OPAWZ Global Halloween Dog Grooming Contest 2019.

Thank you again and hope to see you in future events and competitions.

halloween dog grooming 


Allison Brooks
Allison Brooks
Angel Gunn
Colleen Voegtli
Brittney Bowman
Cheyenne Mooney-Gallo
Cameran Bellamy
Cheyenne Mooney-Gallo
Brittany Sprecco
Julien Laisn
Haley Hobbs
Irina Podgornay
Samantha Hum
Laura Cirlincuina
Kristen Hampton
Jessica Marie Riggs
Isabella Jane Doblas Jones
Kristen Hampton
Rachel Baker Ross
Rita Ramirez
Miranda Smaczniak
Melissa Nunez Savoie
Lauren Callahan
Liz Thomison
Meghan Terwilliger
Tj Serhal
Sharlene Rosario,Puerto Rico
Sarah Nickerson
Sarah Laroque
Szab Rita
Sarah Nickerson
Maartje Janssen
Kristi Storum
Hannelore J. Mowry
Lori Craig