Size:AVG 9cm*5.5cm

Material: sponge filled velvet cloth bow, laser flash diamond, Velcro, suede tassels with buckle

Color: dark green, purple, black, red

Packing: Zip lock EVA transparent plastic bag with hook

Features: 1. Flash high-density gold velvet fabric, high-end texture, looks luxurious;

2. Several lines of laser flash diamonds shine so well, looks mysterious and gorgeous;

3. Velcro easily fixed on the collar, wear comfortable and stable;

4. Tassel design, dynamic and fashion;

5. Eco-dye, not fade, does not hurt the pet fur;

6. Bow filled with sponge, unique 3D design, vivid and cute.

Suggestion:suitable for a variety of coat color dog, medium dog, large dog

Note: 1. Please remove it when pet rest;

2. Do not wash

Customization: If you need to customize the style, please consult customer service about the price, MOQ, delivery time, etc.