Volume: 0.4 Fl.oz. (12 ml)

OPAWZ Temp Ink is a temporary color ink that specifically designs for pet groomer with the airbrush.

99.5% food grade materials have been used in the formula. All the materials adopted are safe and won't cause any damage to pets. The colors are bright, easy to dry, and easily cleaned with a one-time water rinse.

The OPAWZ Grooming Spray can be used to dilute the temp-ink if you need. Meanwhile, you can get faster dry and styling result by using it.


  • Shake it more than 20 times before using.
  • Do not contact with water after use, otherwise, the color will fade.
  • Cover the lid after used to ensure the best effect for the next use. 


  • Do not contact with your eyes or mouth, if it happens, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

FR: Encres Temporaires pour aérographe - ensemble de 10 couleurs

Les encres Temporaires OPAWZ sont conçues spécifiquement pour les toiletteurs qui utilisent l'aérographe.

Couleurs: rouge, rose, mauve, jaune, orange, vert, bleu foncé, bleu clair, brun et noir.

Nos encres sont sécuritaires pour le pelage des animaux. Les couleurs sont vives, sèche rapidement, et facile à nettoyer avec un seul shampoing.

Product Code: TA02-Red