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For dogs, cats, and other pets that can be bathed
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Safe and non-toxic temporary color that lasts 1-3 washes. Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs, and other pets that can be bathed!

OPAWZ Paint Pens (Markers, Crayons, Chalk Pens) are the best way to temporarily change the pet’s color for a creative look.

Each tube contains an attractive color that rubs on the pet’s hair smoothly. Ideal for both short and long hair pets. The color is self-sealing and will not stain clothes and furniture. Includes subtle glitter to make your design shine! 

  • • Apply directly on the pet’s coat.
  • • Washes off in 1-3 shampoos

TIP: For spreading color to larger areas, apply and comb out into the hair.

If the color rubs off on your clothes, furniture, or other surfaces, it can be removed using wet wipes.


  • Some hairs are more absorbent and therefore the color can last longer.
  • Paint pen color results will look different on pets with dark coats. You can first apply white paint pen as a base, then apply your desired color on top.
  • OPAWZ paint pens are a temporary pet coloring product. Our pens contain environmentally friendly water-soluble formula. The color will fade when exposed to water.


Water, Sodium Stearate, Glycerol, Sorbose, Soap Base, Pigment

How long do the paint pens last?

It will vary depending on the hair type and how much it is rubbed on other surfaces. On average it lasts 1-3 washes. You can use Grooming Spray for it to last longer.

Can the paint pens be used on dark or black hair?

Yes, however you should use the white paint pen as a base color before applying the other colors on top for a more vibrant color result.

Can the paint pens be used on cats, rabbits, and mice?

OPAWZ Pet Paint is safe for cats and small animals. However, we don’t recommend applying onto areas where the cat can lick.

Do the paint pens stain furniture and clothes?

Normally they will not, but however in instances where a large amount is applied, there is a possibility that it will show on white furniture or clothes if rubbed. You can use Grooming Spray to seal in the color and help it last longer.

Les crayons de Cires OPAWZ sont la meilleure façon de modifier temporairement la couleur de l'animal pour lui donner un look créatif. Chaque ensemble contient dix couleurs: rouge, orange, jaune, vert, bleu, rose, violet, brun, blanc et noir. Frotter doucement le crayon sur le poil. Idéal sur les poils courts et longs. Les crayons ne tache pas les vêtements et les meubles, part simplement lavage avec de l'eau. Non-toxique et sécuritaire pour les animaux.

Los Paint Pen de OPAWZ son la mejor manera de cambiar de color y crear apariencias creativas en las mascotas. Cada Set contiene 12 colores: rojo, naranja, amarillo, verde, zaul, rosado, morado, cafe, blanco, negro, dorado y plateado. Cada tubo se enrolla facilmente y es suave para pintar sobre la mascota. Es ideal tanto para pelaje corto como pelaje largo. Este producto se sella automaticamente y no mancha ropa o muebles. Es seguro y no es Toxico.