OPAWZ Boar Bristle Hair Brush (GT30)

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The specially designed Eco-friendly boar hair bristle grooming brush is comfortable for short hair dogs and cats to use, and easy to remove shedding dead hair without harming the skin, suitable for All Hair Textures.

Made from environmentally-friendly natural materials:

  • Durable bamboo handle
  • Sturdy bristles made from pig mane hair


  • Ergonomically designed grip, comfortable for cats & dogs to use.
  • Dense and long bristles can easily remove dead hair and eliminate tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt.
  • The brush grooms and massages for a healthy coat, increasing blood circulation and leaving the pet's coat soft and shiny. Pets will love being brushed!
  • Air-cushioned to make brushing gentler and will not harm the skin.
 Size  8.66 x 2.95 inches / 22 x 7.5 cm
 Weight 120g
 Bristle Length 0.66 inches / 1.7 cm