Dog Hair Dye - Profound Green (PD09)

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Size: Small - 4 oz. / 117g

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For dogs and horses
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Thin consistency: use less, save more | No lingering chemical smell
Best used within 6 months of opening

Get bright and fashionable color lasting 20+ washes with OPAWZ Permanent Dog Hair Dyes. Specially formulated for use on dogs and horses. Non-toxic and gentle on the pet's coat. For professional creative groomer use.

Charm Pink, Glorious Yellow, and Tender Green ONLY work for white and clean hair
• Can be used on white, grey, apricot, and brown coats
• Coloring results may vary with coat type and breed
Permanent Dyes can be mixed with each other according to your preference
• Color can be diluted with the Permanent Color Dilution Cream


Shampoo and blow-dry first if the dog's coat is dirty and oily.

Shake well before opening.

Apply onto desired coat area and leave it on for 20 minutes (For the Loyal Brown and Vital Copper, please let the color sit on the hair for at least 40 minutes).

Rinse and dry after.


Be sure to stir well with a brush before use.

Gloves are highly recommended to avoid dye from staining hands

For coloring limited areas, such as ears or tails, you may apply directly to dry fur. Results may vary depending on application strength and individual pet’s coat.

Coloring results may vary with coat type and breed.

Conditioner may inhibit colors from adhering properly. Please do not use any conditioner or other brands' dyes (as they may contain conditioner ingredients) prior to using OPAWZ dye.

For more product related questions: OPAWZ Product FAQ


Aqua, Glycerin, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Polyquaternium-10, CI 42090, CI 19140, CI 16035


Not recommended for use on pets under 6 months.

Not recommended for use on cats.

Do not use on pets with sensitive, irritated, or damaged skin.

Do not allow pets to lick.

Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. If it happens, rinse with a large amount of water for 15 minutes.

If any allergic reactions happen during dyeing, discontinue process immediately and consult a veterinarian. Allergy test on the skin is recommended 48 hours prior to application if the pet is being colored for the first time.

How many dyes should I use for my dog?

OPAWZ Permanent Dyes have a thinner consistency than other dyes, so you can use lesser amount. Different weights, lengths, and densities of coat also require different amounts of dye.

For example: to color a toy poodle with 3cm long medium density fur from head to toe will require around 100g/4oz of dye. A standard poodle has more fur in comparison, with also 3cm fur will require around 10-11 bottles of the 4oz permanent dyes on dry coat.

How often can I dye a dog?

OPAWZ Permanent Dyes can last at least half a year, so we recommend dyeing 2-3 times a year to keep the color. However, there are no specific time interval requirements for dyeing a dog.

Will I damage the hair if I leave the dyes in for longer than 20 minutes?

No. The color will turn out the same if left longer than 20 minutes, sometime it will turn out much darker. However, we still recommend to use around 15-20 minutes to let the dog rest well.

What should I do if the pet licks the grooming products?

We recommend using a muzzle when coloring to prevent pets from licking. Groomers have informed us that nothing happens after licking the dyes, but we recommend going to the vet immediately if there is any allergic reaction.

Why I can’t get good brown and blue black color result on my pet’s coat?

Brown and black dyes use a different kind of pigment, so it might not have good results on certain types of furs such as damaged fur, oily fur (especially on ears and tail). We recommend shaking well before opening the tube, leaving the dye in for around 40 minutes, or recolor after one week.

Are the Permanent Colors safe for cats?

Cats have more allergic reactions than dogs and horses because their organs are different. A lot of groomers are new to creative coloring and we are concerned that they are unable to determine whether the cat will have allergic reactions to the products or not, so we do not recommend it for cats.

However, the OPAWZ Semi-Permanent dyes and Color shampoos have more gentle formulations and are safe to use on cats.

Why does the color fade faster on the tail?

There are a lot of grease on the hair, so the color cannot adhere well.

The tail always touches a lot of places, so the hair on the tail is more easily damaged. The damaged hair is hard to color, and after coloring, it will be very easy to fade.

The coloring time is not enough. We recommend to let the color stay for 15-20 minutes with normal hair. For damaged and wiry hair, we recommend use for longer time around 30 minutes.

If I mix dye with Dilution Cream and create a new color, can I save this mix?

Yes, just make sure to seal it in an airtight container to keep the mixture. Be sure to use it within 2 to 3 months, otherwise the color result will become lighter and will fade faster.

When I use the Dilution Cream, do I need to wash it?

Dilution Cream cannot be used individually; it needs to be mixed together with a Permanent Dye. It needs to be washed as well after being left in for an adequate amount of time.

Can I dye tan, grey or apricot coat?

Yes. OPAWZ Permanent Dye has excellent coverage, so it can be used on darker hair directly. However, the lighter colors such as tender green, charm pink, and yellow will not show up as well on these coat colors as they would on white hair. If the hair is dark to black, we recommend to use OPAWZ Lightening Cream & Developer to lighten the hair prior to using the dye.

How do I remove the color stain on my hands?

OPAWZ Permanent and Semi-permanent Dye can be removed by soap in a few washes.We highly recommend using gloves during the coloring process to skin staining from the dyes.

Is there a special way to use the dilution cream? I used a tiny bit of color with a lot of dilution cream but it came out the color of the original dye.

OPAWZ Permanent Dyes have strong pigments, so you need to use a large amount of dilution cream versus dye. You can pour the dilution cream in a tint bowl first and add in drops of dye and mix. Test the new color on a sheet of paper towel and keep adjusting until the color is satisfactory.

Can the Permanent Dilution Cream can be used on Semi-Permanent Dye?

You can, but if you mix the Permanent Dilution Cream with Semi-Permanent Dye, the dye will last longer. We will recommend you use Semi-Permanent Dilution Cream with the Semi-Permanent Dye.

How can I maintain my dog’s hair after using Permanent Dye?

You can use the OPAWZ Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner, LPP and PPT after coloring. They are very great products for dry and damaged hair, restore back to a healthy coat.

Why does the color not adhere nicely on the ears and tail versus the rest of the body?

Fur on the ears and tail is especially oily, and some of the hairs' textures are different from other parts of the dog. It might yield a slightly different color result compared to the rest of the body. We recommend using deep cleanse shampoo before coloring to ensure optimal results.

Should I wash the dog before coloring?

Yes. Although some groomers can get good results without bathing, some dogs' hair can be greasy which will not result in bright colors. We recommend using deep cleanse shampoo before coloring to ensure optimal results.

Why did my colors not turn out as vibrant as other groomers’?

There maybe several factors that may include:

1. Dirty and greasy hair will affect how the color adheres. The best way to ensure optimal results is to use Degreasing Shampoo to wash the hair, and blow dry before applying color.

2. Conditioners will also prevent the color from adhering properly.

3. Coarse and/or damaged hair will make it difficult for the color to adhere. For these hair types, an additional application time minimum of 10 minutes is recommended.

4. Not enough dye was applied. For areas with thicker/dense hair, apply the dye in layers and make sure to massage it into the hair.

5. The ears and tail are the oiliest areas, so take care to clean thoroughly prior to applying dye. Clean hair will be unsmooth to the touch.

6. Some dogs’ ears will take color differently due to differing hair textures, and will be noticeable especially with the light color dyes such as charm pink and tender green.

7. Tails touch and scrape against the ground the most, so the hair is more easily damaged. We recommend letting the dye set for a longer time. Please note that damaged hair will also shed the color faster.

8. Open dyes, especially ones that have been opened for a few years will not produce the optimal results.

Any tips to help the color fade faster?

Use the OPAWZ Deep Cleanse Shampoo. Please note that you do not need any treatments after washing.

Use brightening/whitening shampoo mixed with baking soda to make a paste. Apply it into the coat and let sit for 10 minutes. Then use a good amount of conditioner afterwards.

Dye over the old color with a complementary color.

Why is the dye so runny? 

This formula was created with the advice of professional groomers. The dye is more liquidy so it can spread easily and saturate well into the pet's thick hair to have a better color result. Groomers can use less of the product which helps save costs.

Why did the color not turn out like on the label?

The color on the label reflects the end result color on white fur. If your dog is a different color i.e. cream, apricot, the color result will be slightly different.

Can I use dyes on a black coat or a very dark hair?

Dye is not a paint, it's a cellophane, meaning, it's not a solid color that can cover anything. It's a see-through and will be affected by whatever color is underneath it. A red cellophane over blue will make it look purple, a blue cellophane over yellow will make it look green, and any cellophane over black will make it pretty much invisible. That's why hair has to be lifted to get the true color of the dye. If you put color over black or dark brown, you might be able to see a slight hint of it when the light hits it the right way, but nothing overly noticeable. (Gen Geevi)

I used the purple dye, why did it result in blue?

Hair with yellow tones will neutralize the purple tones. Some examples include: dark hair that has been lightened, urine stains on white hair, natural creamy hair, etc.

What happens if my dog eats OPAWZ products by accident?

OPAWZ hair colors are for external use only. If your dog ingests the products, monitor your dog closely. Sometimes they will vomit and be fine after. If you notice any discomfort or allergic reaction, take your dog to the vet immediately, especially if the dog has existing health problems.

Can you dye over permanent/semi-permanent dyes?

Yes; However the colors will overlay instead of being covered (i.e. if you have a red base and you dye blue over it, the result may look purple), so it is best to dye over with similar colors to get a nice result. If you are not sure about the final result, do a test on a small patch of hair.

Will the dyes stain the pet's skin?
No, it will come out in 2-4 washes if it does get onto the skin.

Coloration de fourrure pour chien 

Couleur permanente longue durée pour chiens et cheval qui fait ressortir des couleurs vives, à la mode et uniques. Peut être utilisé sur des poils blanc, gris, abricot et brun pâle, les résultats des couleurs peuvent varier selon le type de pelage et la race.

MODE D'EMPLOI: Faire un shampoing puis sécher. Appliquer sur la zone de poils souhaitée et laisser agir pendant 20 minutes.  (Loyal Brown and Blue Black vous devez laisser agir plus longtemps). Puis rincer et sécher.

ATTENTION: Ne peut être utilisé sur les chiens de moins de 6 mois. Ne peut pas être utilisé pour les chats. Ne pas utiliser sur les animaux qui ont la peau sensible, irritée ou endommagée. Éviter le contact avec les yeux et la bouche. Si cela se produit, rincer avec une grande quantité d'eau pendant 15minutes. Si des réactions allergiques se produisent au cours de la teinture, arrêtez immédiatement et consultez un vétérinaire. Le test allergique sur la peau est recommandé 48 heures avant l'application si l’animal se fait teindre pour la première fois.

Tinte Permanente de perros y caballos

Tinte Permanente de larga duración especialmente formulado para perros y caballos. Brinda resultados de colores brillantes, modernos y únicos. Se puede utilizar sobre pelajes blancos, grises, apricot y marrones. Los resultados del color pueden variar según el tipo de pelaje y raza.

INSTRUCCIONES: Lavar con champú y secar con secadora. Aplicar sobre el área deseada y dejar actuar durante 20 minutos (los colores Loyal Brown y Blue Black deben permanecer más tiempo dependiendo del tipo de pelaje.) Finalmente, enjuagar y secar.

PRECAUCIONES: No se recomienda el uso en mascotas menores de 6 meses. No se recomienda el uso para gatos. No usar en mascotas con piel sensible, irritada o dañada. No permitir que la mascota se lama mientras se aplica el producto. Evitar el contacto con los ojos y la boca; si sucede, enjuagar con abundante agua durante 15 minutos. Si se producen reacciones alérgicas durante el teñido, suspender el proceso de inmediato y consultar con un veterinario. Se recomienda una prueba de alergia en la piel 48 horas antes de la aplicación si la mascota va a ser colorada por primera vez. 

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