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OPAWZ is proud to be mentioned in many media outlets. Below you will see a list of some of our featured TV appearances, articles, press releases, ads and other mentions and educational pet grooming seminars held by OPAWZ.

OPAWZ Creative Grooming featured in TV Appearances

Official provider of Creative Grooming supplies for ABC's Pooch Perfect

ABC's Pooch Perfect: Alyssa's Disney Night Best-In-Show Design

ABC's Pooch Perfect: Alyssa Gets a Standing Ovation for Her Halloween Groom

ABC's Pooch Perfect: Best in Show: Gabriel & Monse's Goldfish Groom

Watch all the clips from ABC's Pooch Perfect here!

A wonderful job well done to all the groomers who competed!

The Creative Grooming Process with Gabriel Feitosa Using OPAWZ Pet Safe Hair Dyes | Groom Haüs

CTV Morning Live OPAWZ Designs, Canada

Pet Grooming Business Skyrockets Through The Pandemic | Gabriel Feitosa in Newsy


SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - San Diego-based Groomer's Transformations Bring Out the Holidays In pets


This Morning with Gabriel Feitosa - 'I Turned My Client's Dog Into The Grinch', The Viral Dog Groomer & His Bold Designs


Tamron Hall Show with Gabriel Feitosa - His Breathtaking Dog Transformations Will Blow Your Mind

Russia Dog Grooming Service Magazine Nov 4th 2021 Issue

CBS New York - Talented Creative Groomer Adriane Cribb Pope with OPAWZ

New ‘creative grooming’ business specializes in bright colors, wild prints for dogs from OPAWZ -  Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.

Read Article ->>

Kelsey Roark with OPAWZ - Stitch

Celebrate Hunt County Featuring Liz Thomison, Texas USA

KTLA 5 Entertainment, LA USA

Avrotros TV Show, Netherlands

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OPAWZ Educational Seminars

OPAWZ educational seminars welcome everyone who wants to learn and bring your grooming level up and looking for professional development moving down a more creative path. 
Below you will see educational creative grooming seminars and scissoring techniques demonstrated by professional groomers around the world.