You may have mixed emotions when considering whether or not to use dog hair dye. On one hand you're super excited to see how it will look, while at the same time you may be feeling slightly apprehensive, especially given some of the scary stories out there on the internet.

OPAWZ is here to put your mind at ease as you take your first steps into the wonderful world of creative grooming with color.

Look at what can be achieved when you get creative!

These works of art were done by groomers using either OPAWZ permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes.

Credit: Pooch Styles

Credit: Anaïs Hayden

Credit: Walker Xu

Credit: Juliebee Duguay

Types of Hair Dye by OPAWZ

There are different kinds of dog hair dyes available on the market, each yielding a different result and in some cases requiring a different application process. At OPAWZ we offer two main types of dye, permanent and semi-permanent.

opawz permanent dog hair dye

Permanent Dye

Featuring bright, fashionable and unique colors, our permanent dye is the best if you're looking for a long-lasting effect. Let your pets stand out from the rest! Recommended for creative grooming competitions and those with a bit more experience.

  • Non-toxic and gentle on pet's coat
  • Lasts for more than 20 washes
  • Colors can be mixed together
  • Great for use on dogs and horses
opawz semi-permanent dog hair dye

Semi-Permanent Dye

Ideal if you're looking to spruce up your pet's style without the long-term commitment of a permanent dye, our semi-permanent dye gradually washes away (around 8 washes) and is suitable for groomers of all skill levels.

  • Formulated with food-grade pigments
  • Non-toxic and gentle on pet's coat
  • No ammonia or peroxide
  • Safe to use on cats

How To Use Our Dog Hair Dye

The application process for both of our hair dyes is mostly the same. For best results you will want to shampoo and towel dry first. Then start applying the dye evenly to the desired areas.

  • Semi-permanent dye – after application cover the area in plastic wrap or foil, wait 20 minutes, rinse clear and dry.
  • Permanent dye – wait for 10-20 minutes, rinse clear and dry.

General Points To Remember

  • If this is the first time using OPAWZ pet dye, do a 48 hour test on a small patch before applying.
  • Wear a pair of rubber gloves.

Looking for more temporary color results?

OPAWZ also offers a line of temporary color products ranging from hair chalks to blow pens to paint pens to glitter gels. These products generally last from 1-3 washes and are great for quick colorful changes to pets without the long-term commitment.

OPAWZ temporary color products

For a quick overview of our full product line and tutorials, visit the OPAWZ Product Guide.

If you're looking for more guidance, inspiration or just want to share your work, consider joining our community of fellow groomers and pet owners – everyone's welcome.