OPAWZ Blow Pen, 10 pcs/set (TB01)

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For dogs, cats, and other pets that can be bathed
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OPAWZ Blow Pen is a new way to make the temporary creation for pets grooming, simply aim and blow to spray. It can be used with OPAWZ tattoo stencil, blow the color through using OPAWZ Tattoo Stencil Set to create professional arts or for your own design.

Use on the clean and dry coat, easy to remove the color by shampoo or soap.


Includes 10 different colors in one set: Pink, Black, Purple, Red, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Brown. 

** Blow pens are non-returnable as it makes contact with the mouth. Please contact us if the product is dried or damaged. **



• Aim and blow to spray.

• Can be used with OPAWZ tattoo stencil. Blow the color through the stencil to create easy, professional looking designs.


• Color can last about 2-5 weeks.

• Pink and Purple Color may last around 1-2 months. 

• Coloring results and lasting time may vary with coat type and breed. 

• Close and seal blow pen when it not in use to extend the cartridge life.

• Do not use near the pet’s eyes and mouth.

What can I do if the Blow Pen becomes dry?

• Open the Blow Pen’s white back cover.

• Fill in the cover with clear water.

• Set the back cover into the Blow Pen, then shake the pen well.Now you can use the Blow Pen as normal.

What is the difference between Airbrush and Blow Pens?

The lasting time is different. The design with Airbrush and Temp-ink can last around 1-3 washes. The Blow Pen can last around 2-5 weeks.

How much fur can 1 blow pen cover?

Normally, it can be used to cover the equivalent of 4 pair of normal toy poodle ears.

How long does the Blow Pen last?

Usually, the Blow Pen will last around 2-5 weeks. The Pink and Purple color may last around 1-2 months.

Blow Pen OPAWZ est une nouvelle façon de faire de la coloration rapide sur vos animaux, il suffit de dévisser et de souffler dans l'embouchure. Utiliser sur un poil propre et sec, et facile à enlever avec un simple shampooing. 


Fermer le Blow Pen quand il ne sert pas, sinon la cartouche d'encre a l'intérieur va sécher. Ne pas entrer en contact avec les yeux ou la bouche, si cela arrive, rincez abondamment à l'eau

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