Nata Ole
Kamenskoye, Ukraine
Instagram: nataamigo777

About Nata Ole

Brief summary of your life

I’ve been dreaming about owning a dog since my childhood, but my parents didn’t allow me to have one. However, after many years, having gained a lot of experience with different jobs backwards, I managed to buy HIM. My little son, my best friend, my dog - Amigo. And my life started again... 

What inspired you to get into creative grooming?

Living my life I tried to make the world around me brighter, not usual, not simple. I had been creating different (maybe sometimes strange) things, I always wanted to make something special, unique. It’s all in me and about me, even difficult to describe with words... it’s like something inside that always spills out. Even when I ask my friends to describe me in a few words, the first one would be creative. 

"Living my life I tried to make the world around me brighter, not usual, not simple"


Creative Groomer Q & A with OPAWZ

How did you get started?

It was with my first dog (I now have three) and I just bought a razor In order to groom him myself. I realized that it hooked me and began to explore all the websites about right lines, styles, cosmetics etc. Of course, the first time I worked for free just in order to get the hang of it and the process could take 4-5 hours! 

How do you handle criticism?

It’s an integral part of each work, especially mine. I perceive conscious and constructive criticism, try to think it over, draw conclusions and try to improve, because the sky's the limit. I appreciate the criticism from famous masters, that means they noticed me and became interested in me as well. 

What is your favourite opawz product to work with, if any?

I work with permanents (pet hair dyesand am absolutely satisfied with them. They have rather good quality indicators, don’t react with pets’ skin and have saturated color. 


OPAWZ Pet-Safe Permanent Dog Hair Dye

What is your favourite breed to work with, if any? 

It’s difficult to highlight one the most favorite breed, because I like all the dogs and all of them deserve to be pretty, clean and healthy. But if I had to choose the breed for creative, I think it would be the Poodle. 

Do you have any tips for dealing with more temperamental pets?

First of all, it is work with his owner and then with the pet exactly. 

Any advice for aspiring groomers? 

Don’t stop improving and studying. Try not to make business, try to be absolutely into it. For me, it’s more than just a simple job, it’s my inspiration, it gives me energy and “new breath” every day. 

Any last thoughts?

There are a lot of ups and downs in our way. Never late to find yourself. Try to do that job, which you are ready to do for free and Most likely that you would be there a master.



Selected Works From Nata Ole 


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