The Fire Tail by Jilly Mooch

Step into the colorful realm of vibrant tail creative dog grooming with an easy-to-follow tutorial guided by the renowned creative grooming expert, Jilly Mooch. Elevate the art of pet styling with the radiant spectrum of OPAWZ pet hair dyes, transforming your dog's tail into a captivating masterpiece and each joyful wag becomes a stroke of vibrant color!


dog safe dye for dog tail coloring


OPAWZ Pet Hair Dye Palette:


Enter the world of OPAWZ pet hair dyes – a palette designed for the discerning pet lover. These vibrant, dog-safe colors offer a spectrum of possibilities, allowing you to choose shades that mirror your pup's personality. From the boldest reds to the softest pastels, OPAWZ is ready to transform your dog's tail into a living masterpiece.


Is Creative Dog Grooming Safe? 

With OPAWZ pet hair dyes, the answer is a resounding yes. Crafted with your pet's well-being in mind, OPAWZ products are free from harmful chemicals and designed for various coat types. Your pet's safety is prioritized, allowing you to indulge in the joy of creative grooming with confidence.



Before immersing yourself in the world of hues, ensure your dog's coat is pampered and ready. A clean, dry, and tangle-free coat sets the stage for a beautiful outcome, making the grooming experience as enjoyable as the result.

Materials Needed:

Foil Sheets
Butterfly Clips
Rat tail comb
Dog Hair Dye Tool Kit

OPAWZ Permanent Pet Hair Dyes:

 Hot Red 
 Ardent Orange
 Glorious Yellow 


Using Foil for Color Separation:

Wrap up the hair for color separation – introducing a technique that enhances precision in the creative dog grooming process. Aluminum foil serves as a key tool, elevating the grooming experience to a new level of precision by carefully enclosing sections for color separation. This refined touch of color separation guarantees meticulous precision, capturing the designed coloring area for a finer grooming result.



Creative dog grooming with OPAWZ pet hair dyes is more than a trend; it's an art form that celebrates individuality and the joy of companionship. Unleash the artist in you, embrace OPAWZ, and let creative grooming become not just a hobby but also your business!



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