You might think that since OPAWZ makes hair dyes, that hairless breeds aren't able to be colored.

However, that isn't the case at all! 

This is Jeanette Witcherton's Xolo, Mazi.

Temporary colors, such as OPAWZ Pet Hair Chalk and Color Paste can be used on hairless breeds. Only use on healthy skin and make sure to do a test area first to see if the pup has any allergic reactions before doing your design.

By combining chalks, color paste, and stencils, Jeanette creates beautiful and colorful designs. For dogs with dark skin, use white chalk or color paste as a base, then add the color chalk on top to really make it pop! Use a firm brush to apply the chalk, and fluffy brush to brush away excess powder after application.

The color lasts around a week or so. If you want to fully remove the color, it will wash off with a normal bath. You can easily change designs for the season, holiday, special occasions, and more!

Be careful with furniture and clothing though; According to Jeanette, the color (chalks) will rub off onto surfaces on the 1st day of application, but after a day or so, the color will not visibly transfer any more.

For the color fade, check out this fade progression:


OPAWZ Pet Hair Chalk


OPAWZ Color Paste

OPAWZ Reusable Tattoo Stencil Set (12 pcs)

Professional Coloring Brush Kit

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