Welcome to a Colorful World of Pet Personalities!

In this vibrant journey through creative dog grooming, we unlock the magic of expressing each furry friend's unique personality with the artistry of creative pet styling with professional dog groomers Gabriel Feitosa and Jen Steinruck. Let’s dive into the realm of their imaginative grooming designs using OPAWZ pet-safe dyes that celebrate the individuality of our beloved pets.

The Creative Grooming Process by Gabriel Feitosa

Creative grooming involves using pet-safe dyes to add colors and designs to a pet’s coat, transforming them into living works of art. And professional dog groomer Gabriel Feitosa is able to capture the essence and personality of each dog through innovative styling techniques. Here he decided to give Bibi a vibrant yet elegant makeover using dyes exclusively from OPAWZ. As Bibi settled into the grooming process, his skilled team carefully applied the pet-safe dyes from OPAWZ to create a beautiful blend of colors that complemented her natural coat. From soft pastels to bold accents, every stroke of color enhanced Bibi’s adorable features without compromising her comfort or safety.

Meet Bibi: 

Bibi, the charismatic Bichon Frise, is not just fluffy white fur; she’s a bundle of personality and charm. At the hands of skilled groomer Gabriel Feitosa, Bibi’s grooming sessions become creative masterpieces that highlight her unique style and playful nature. Using pet-safe dyes exclusively from OPAWZ, Bibi’s makeover is both vibrant and elegant, enhancing her adorable features without compromising her comfort.

My Little Pony Creative Dog Styling by Gabriel Feitosa



The Creative Dog Styling By Jen Steinruck

With 16 years of grooming experience and a decade dedicated to creative styling, Jen Steinruck prioritizes the well-being of her furry clients by selecting products that are gentle on their skin and coat while delivering stunning results. This commitment to safety ensures that each grooming session is not only beautiful but also comfortable and stress-free for the dogs. Jen’s approach emphasizes not only creating stunning looks but also ensuring the grooming experience is enjoyable and stress-free for the dogs.

Meet Maui: 

Maui, the relaxed yet stylish Powderpuff Chinese Crested, embodies the perfect blend of relaxation and flair during grooming sessions. Under the expert care of Jen Steinruck, Maui enjoys pampering moments that showcase the endless possibilities of creative grooming techniques with OPAWZ safe dog hair colors form permanent pet hair dye, semi-permanent pet hair dye and color depositing pet color shampoo, all while prioritizing his well-being and comfort.

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Groomed by Jen Steinruck
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Groomed by Jen Steinruck
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Groomed by Jen Steinruck
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Groomed by Jen Steinruck

OPAWZ Pet-Safe Dyes: A Commitment to Safety and Style In Creative Grooming

One of the pillars of creative grooming is ensuring the safety and comfort of our furry clients. OPAWZ offers a range of pet-safe dyes formulated to be gentle on skin and coat, delivering stunning results without compromising pet health. With OPAWZ products, every grooming session becomes a delightful experience for pets and groomers alike. Dye with confidence: OPAWZ Permanent Dyes and Semi-Permanent Dyes pass the Cytotoxicity Test by professional laboratories. Learn more >>

Tips for Aspiring Groomers To Unleash Your Creativity!

  • Tailor grooming designs to reflect each dog’s unique traits and personality.
  • Use gentle grooming techniques and pet-safe dyes for a positive experience.
  • Experiment with temporary pet hair colors, patterns, and styles to unleash your artistic flair.
  • Foster strong bonds with dogs and their owners through exceptional grooming experiences.
  • Remember to infuse every grooming session with love, care, and a touch of artistic flair!


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