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OPAWZ Pet Bathing System - (PB01)

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Quick Overview

OPAWZ Pet Bathing System is newly designed product to make hideous pet bathing process much easier and more effective with lower consumption of cleaning products and water used, and more importantly less work is involved by groomers. This system is very popular among all the pet grooming business, almost every stores in the developed countries own one of this system to reduce expense and enhanced the effectiveness of grooming. It's one of groomer's favorite product!



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OPAWZ Pet Bathing Syetem special designed in:

1. Strong water pressure, reduce bathing time with better clean result

2. Plastics exterior designed which is not easily getting rusty, providing professional looks to clients

3. Rotatable nipple joint makes bathing process easily and much convenient

4. Removeable bottom flter screen and auxiliary filter screen, easily remove and clean pet hairs which makes machine more long-time use and cleanly

5. Foot Operating Pneumatic Switch, easily control the bathing system, avoid accidentally starting up of the pet bathing system 

6. Leakage protection design makes the whole bathing system safer


Operating Principle:

OPAWZ Pet Bathing System, using circulation to adjust water temperature and mix between water and shampoo evenly. Spraying through special made shower head, the active agent within shampoo will breakdown oil stain easily through the impact of the water on to pets, makes the showering process more efficient and easier.

Additional Information


Product assembly:

1.1 Connect quick coupling and pump nipple joint onto one end of PVC pipe

1.2 Connect the other end of PVC pipe to quick coupling and shower head

1.3 Plug the leakage protection plug into pneumatic switch controller

1.4 Plug the pneumatic switch plug into a three-socket outlet that is grounded


Operating Instructions

2.1 Plug the drain of the bath tub, to avoid water draining away

2.2 Put auxiliary filter screen at the bottom of the bathtub where it’s flag, and put the pump on top of the Auxiliary filter screen

2.3 Turn the water tap on and adjust the water temperature suitable for pet watching, and fill the water to a depth that is at least 3cm.

2.4 Plugin the leakage protection plug into the pneumatic switch controller

2.5 Plug the pneumatic switch plug into a three-socket outlet that is grounded

2.6 Put the pet into the tub

2.7 Firmly press the foot operating pneumatic switch, and the machine will start operating


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