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The ultimate set of products and tools for starting creative grooming. Enjoy a 30% off on the products in this value pack.

*Charm Pink, Glorious Yellow, and Tender Green ONLY work for white and clean hair.

The value pack includes:

Permanent Colors:

  • 14x Permanent Pet Hair Dyes: Hot Red, Ardent Orange, Adorable Pink, Glorious Yellow, Innocent Blue, Mystic Purple, Loyal Brown, Profound Green, Tender Green, Charm Pink, Vital Copper, Blue Black, Flame Orange, Aquamarine 
  • 1x OPAWZ Super Black Dog Hair Dye Kit 
  • 1x Color Isolation Cream
  • 1x Permanent Color Dilution Cream 

Semi-Permanent Colors:

  • 7x Semi-Permanent Pet Hair Dyes: Pumpkin Orange, Bubble Gum Pink, Flash Yellow, Hawaii Blue, Kelly Green, Shocking Pink, Dahlia Purple
  • 1x Semi-Permanent Dilution Cream
  • 6x 60mL Funky Color Shampoos: Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Fuchsia, Purple

Temporary Colors:

  • 6x Color Paste: Orange, Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Black
  • 9x Glitter Gel: Blue, Gold, Green, Red, Violet, Silver, Orange, Purple, Neon Yellow
  • 11x Pet Hair Chalk: Black, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue, Orange, White, Red, Brown, Grey
  • 1x Temp Ink for Airbrush 10 colors set: Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Brown, and Black
  • 1x Mini Airbrush
  • 1x Paint Pen 12 colors set: Orange, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Brown, White, Black, Silver, Gold
  • 1x Blow Pen 10 colors set: Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Pink


  • 1x Professional Coloring Brush Kit
  • 1x OPAWZ 6-Well Coloring Palette 
  • 1x Coloring Apron-Large
  • 3x Feather Bristle Color Brush: Large, Medium, Small


Product Code: VP41