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Want a Pawfect blue like our Model Ice? Try this Value Pack!

This color was created by Jonelle Shmoldas for her dog Ice with OPAWZ Permanent Hair Dye. Ice is 53lbs (24kg) and 5-6 sets of this value pack was used to create this look.

Mix Innocent Blue and Adorable Pink at a ratio of 1:1 to get this amazing color like our amazing model Ice (Check more results on the products image part). 

The Value Pack Includes:

OPAWZ Pet Hair Dye - Adorable Pink (150g) x 1
OPAWZ Pet Hair Dye - Innocent Blue (150g) x 1

Permanent Dog Hair Dye, color lasting over 20 washes! For creative grooming competition and professional groomers use.

Please attention that the Hot Red, Adorable Pink, and Mystic Purple may last longer than other Permanent colors.

Long-lasting permanent color specially formulated for dog and horse. Provides bright, fashionable and unique color results. Can be used on white, grey, apricot, and brown coats. Coloring results may vary with coat type and breed. You may refer to OPAWZ logo for coloring results. Non-toxic and gentle on pet's coat. All the colors can be mixed with each other according to your own preference.


  • OPAWZ Color Isolation Cream is a special protective cream to protect areas where you do not want the colors to show.
  • OPAWZ Color Dilution Cream is an innovative formula helping to generate numerous wonderful color when mixed with OPAWZ pet hair dyes. Wide choice of color to create unique pet-grooming masterpieces.
  • OPAWZ Super Black cannot be mixed with other permanent dyes and Color Dilution Cream.


  • Shampoo and blow-dry firstly if the dogs' coat is dirty and oily.
  • Shake well before opens.
  • Apply onto desired coat area and leave it on for 20 minutes (For the Loyal Brown and Blue Black, please let the color sits on the hair at least 40 minutes).
  • Rinse and dry after.
  • Use the professional coloring brush to achieve a better color result. 


  • Be sure to stir well with a brush before use.
  • And for coloring limited areas, such as ears or tails, you may apply to dry fur. Results may vary depending on application strength and individual pet’s coat.
  • Coloring results may vary with coat type and breed.
  • Do not use any conditioner or applied other brands' dye may contain conditioner before using OPAWZ dye.
  • More product related questions please visit >>>OPAWZ Product FAQ<<<


  • Not recommended for use on pets under 6 months.
  • Not recommended for use on cats.
  • Do not use on pets with sensitive, irritated, or damaged skin.
  • Do not allow pets to lick.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. If it happens, rinse with a large amount of water for 15 minutes.
  • If any allergic reactions happen during dyeing, discontinue process immediately and consult a veterinarian. Allergy test on the skin is recommended 48 hours prior to application if the pet is being colored for the first time.

    FR Coloration de fourrure pour chien 

    Couleur permanente longue durée pour chiens et cheval qui fait ressortir des couleurs vives, à la mode et uniques. Peut être utilisé sur des poils blanc, gris, abricot et brun pâle, les résultats des couleurs peuvent varier selon le type de pelage et la race.

    MODE D'EMPLOI: Faire un shampoing puis sécher. Appliquer sur la zone de poils souhaitée et laisser agir pendant 20 minutes.  (Loyal Brown and Blue Black vous devez laisser agir plus longtemps). Puis rincer et sécher.

    ATTENTION: Ne peut être utilisé sur les chiens de moins de 6 mois. Ne peut pas être utilisé pour les chats. Ne pas utiliser sur les animaux qui ont la peau sensible, irritée ou endommagée. Éviter le contact avec les yeux et la bouche. Si cela se produit, rincer avec une grande quantité d'eau pendant 15minutes. Si des réactions allergiques se produisent au cours de la teinture, arrêtez immédiatement et consultez un vétérinaire. Le test allergique sur la peau est recommandé 48 heures avant l'application si l’animal se fait teindre pour la première fois.

    ES Tinte Permanente de perros y caballos

    Tinte Permanente de larga duración especialmente formulado para perros y caballos. Brinda resultados de colores brillantes, modernos y únicos. Se puede utilizar sobre pelajes blancos, grises, apricot y marrones. Los resultados del color pueden variar según el tipo de pelaje y raza.

    INSTRUCCIONES: Lavar con champú y secar con secadora. Aplicar sobre el área deseada y dejar actuar durante 20 minutos (los colores Loyal Brown y Blue Black deben permanecer más tiempo dependiendo del tipo de pelaje.) Finalmente, enjuagar y secar.

    PRECAUCIONES: No se recomienda el uso en mascotas menores de 6 meses. No se recomienda el uso para gatos. No usar en mascotas con piel sensible, irritada o dañada. No permitir que la mascota se lama mientras se aplica el producto. Evitar el contacto con los ojos y la boca; si sucede, enjuagar con abundante agua durante 15 minutos. Si se producen reacciones alérgicas durante el teñido, suspender el proceso de inmediato y consultar con un veterinario. Se recomienda una prueba de alergia en la piel 48 horas antes de la aplicación si la mascota va a ser colorada por primera vez.

    Product Code: VP33