Specially designed for grooming schools teaching and displaying, as well as for students practicing.

Combine use with OPAWZ Bichon Dog Whole Body (pic 3-5), Back Wig (pic 7) and Dyabel Wool Pads, especially good for trimming practice.

Size Standard Bichon Size
Head to Haunch 32 cm
Foot to Shoulder 28 cm
Color White


This product is only the model dog, dog wig is exclusive. 


  • Standard Bichon Size (1:1 Bichon Size)
  • Moveable tail and legs
  • The stable and firm material used - plastics
  • The reusable model dog which fits all different styles of Bichon wigs and Wool Pad

Model Dog Installation and Disassembly

Demonstration Video for Model Dog - How to Assemble the wig it!

    Product Code: MD03