OPAWZ microfiber toweling lined Pet Spa Robe has much greater absorption properties than standard toweling, it dramatically reduces drying time, perfect to use after outdoor adventures, swimming, and bathing, or any time you want your pet to feel warmer and drier.

This luxurious pet spa robe it’s durable, fast drying and snag-proof. Simply put it on the pet and the toweling will absorb the water. No more cold, wet dogs shivering after their bath time.

OPAWZ Pet Spa Robe featuring an elasticated neckband, with four little pockets for the pet’s feet to fit into, which keep the robe in place, allowing the microfiber to make direct contact with the fur and ensuring the moisture is absorbed quickly.

Exceptional for everyday use and travel reduces microbial growth and prevents odor.

Lightweight and washable. Available in 5 sizes.