OPAWZ Lightening Cream Black Dog Coloring – Flamingo

OPAWZ Lightening Cream Black Dog Coloring – Flamingo

First of all, inspect the dog’s skin condition – the dog must without any skin problems; for dog that is suffering from a skin disorder is not recommended for this practices.


(Please wear gloves when contacting Lightening Cream/Pet Hair dye.)

1. Scissoring out the desired pattern for lightening
2. Outline the lightening area with OPAWZ Isolation Cream
3. With a coloring brush, gently apply the OPAWZ Lightening Cream a small sections a time, starting with the roots and working down the fur. When applying the Lightening Cream, should move slowly near the roots, taking care not to touch the scalp. N.B. Do not paint the skin or scalp, but paint 1cm away from the roots. (fig.1)

4.Let the Lightening Cream sets for 20 – 30mins, during the processing time, gently rub the fur between fingers to make sure a thoroughly coverage of the lightening cream. (fig.2)

5.Rinses away the Lightening Cream with lukewarm water; apply the OPAWZ Deep Cleanse Shampoo without diluting. Wash out and repeat shampooing till there’s no greasy feeling leave on fur. Towel dry. (fig.3)

6.Before start applying pet hair dye, makes sure the hair is not feeling greasy. (We recommend applying pet hair dye the next day, this way the dog could have a full night rest)

7.Apply desired pet hair dyes onto fur. Use grooming spray to shape out the feathers of the flamingo; Use Glitter Gel – Sliver to decorate the tips of feathers.

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