OPAWZ Bathing System - the Most Popular Bathing Machine among Groomers!

OPAWZ Bathing System - the Most Popular Bathing Machine among Groomers!

OPAWZ Pet Bathing System, as a newly designed product which makes hideous pet bathing process much easier and effective with lower consumption of cleaning product and water used, and more importantly less work is involved by groomers.

By using the circulation method, OPAWZ Pet Bathing System helps to adjust water temperature and mix between water and shampoo evenly.

Spraying through the specially made shower head, the active agent within shampoo will break down oil stain easily through the impact of the water on to pets, makes the showering process more efficient and easier.

OPAWZ Bathing System Features

  • REDUCE: Reduce consumption of Shampoo, Water, and Man Power
  • QUICK: Faster time to take a bath, higher efficiency
  • CLEAN: Better bathing results, clean thoroughly

OPAWZ Pet Bathing System's special design

1. Strong water pressure, reduce bathing time with better clean result

2. Plastics exterior designed which is not easily getting rusty, providing professional looks to clients

3. Rotatable nipple joint makes bathing process easily and much convenient

4. Removable bottom filter screen and auxiliary filter screen, easily remove and clean pet hairs which makes the machine more long-time use and cleanly

5. Foot Operating Pneumatic Switch, easily control the bathing system, avoid accidentally starting up of the pet bathing system 

6. Leakage protection design makes the whole bathing system safer

Combining use OPAWZ Pet Shampoo series and LPP & PPT Ultimate Coat Treatment makes pet coat to achieve perfect bathing result with a sense of soft and shiny. Besides, OPAWZ pet shampoo series has optimized its recipe specifically for the use of Pet Bathing System, therefore it will not cause silicone oil residue.

In conclusion, OPAWZ Bathing System helps to reduce the whole time of the bathing process, makes cleaning much efficient by saving shampoo, water and man power.

By choosing this machine, uses of dilution bootle, efforts of scrubbing and rubbing is no longer needed. It completely overturned the traditional pet bathing concept and has already became one of the groomers' favorite products!!

The video below demonstrates the OPAWZ Bathing System by our great groomer Nancy Bryson, please check!